Why Rent Jungle?

Our Name

In 2010, founders Jon Pastor and Rick Ferris decided to form a new company called “Rent Jungle.”  The name of the company reflected the confusing environment for finding rental housing, and the mission of Rent Jungle – to help apartment hunters and managers navigate through the online “jungle” of information and bring them together.

Our Story

We started Rent Jungle after looking for apartments online ourselves, and frankly getting a bit frustrated:

  • No listing site has more than 50% of the actual available apartments listed online
  • Finding an apartment or rental house can require visiting ten or more web sites
  • The sites with the most listings -- you know, like the one that's just a list of links that repeat every day -- have limited search functionality and lack of quality control.

We also talked to some friends who own apartments. They had similar frustrations trying to fill their vacancies:

  • Managers are often forced to buy expensive advertising bundles
  • Existing listing sites force apartment hunters to stay on their site -- not allowing apartment owners to direct traffic to their own sites
  • Posting on some sites requires daily, time-consuming, manual submissions for each listing.

So we asked: if you can go to kayak.com to find travel deals from everywhere, and indeed.com to find jobs from everywhere, why can't you do the same for apartments and rental houses?

Then we asked: What if you could search for features by just typing them in a search box, like you find things on the web using a search engine?

Our Technology

We put our heads together and developed our industry-first search technology, which without any human intervention, can...

  • Find web pages that contain rental listings and ignore pages that don't
  • Tell the difference between a property for rent and a property for sale
  • Isolate key data such as the price, number of beds/baths, and the address
  • Determine which photos are interior vs. exterior photos -- and exclude images of logos and random graphics.
  • Translate the address into a precise latitude and longitude, map it, and identify exactly which neighborhood it's in

The result? You are here. With over 700,000 active listings, Rent Jungle has the largest inventory of apartments and rental housing in the United States. We currently are finding active apartment and rental housing listings from over 10,000 different web sites. Take a look for yourself -- each of our listings shows you when we found it and where we found it. And unlike many other sites, we'll let you click right on over to the original post on its original site -- no filling out a contact form and waiting for a call from an unknown landlord.

So if you're ready to see just about every available apartment or rental house out there, you've found the ultimate search engine. And if you've got a vacant apartment for rent, you can advertise it here practically automatically.

Welcome to Rent Jungle. The Housing Search Engine.

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