Posted October 19, 2011 by RentJungle

Where you are moving out for the first time or the tenth, you may find that your new living situation places you in smaller living quarters the landlord described as "cozy." You don't need to be an architect to make your apartment livable, but there are some tricks of the trade that can keep you comfortable and happy.

Step 1: Be Clean

If your house is cluttered it will seem smaller. Clothing, dishes, and drink containers not only make you look sloppy, they can significantly decrease your square footage of floor space. Try cleaning the floor once a week and keeping your clothes neatly piled in a hamper. You'll be surprised at how much bigger clean floors make your apartment feel.

Step 2: Minimalism is Key

The bright side of having a small apartment is that you don't have to buy a lot of furniture. This can mean that you spend less money overall, or that you spend the same amount on a few key items. Why not spruce up the ol' computer and chair? How about getting a rug that pulls the room together? No matter what your style is, try to err on the side of having less.

Step 2: Use Bright Colors

Paint the walls a light, bright color to open up your apartment. Use brighter window shades and go for a white, tan, or lighter colored couch. You'll be surprised at how much bigger you small space looks when you keep bright, inviting colors.

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