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The search Engine

Unlike most apartment sites, Rent Jungle is a search engine for apartments. With over 700,000 active listings, many with multiple available units, Rent Jungle has the largest inventory of apartments and rental housing in the United States. We are currently finding active apartment and rental housing listings from over 10,000 different web sites and feeds. Each of our listings shows you when we found it and where we found it.

If an apartment listing is available on another website, it will most likely show up here after being found by our automated web crawler. We also find and accept custom feeds from apartment owners and other listing websites. We also allow apartment owners to advertise directly on Rent Jungle, for a monthly fee.

Our Listings

When a user performs a search on Rent Jungle, we do our best to show the highest quality data that we have for the benefit of our users. After removing duplicates, Rent Jungle includes all listings that we find anywhere on the internet, though we do also receive compensation for a small fraction of the listings in the search results.

Default Sorting

When no sorting method has been requested, Rent Jungle will display listing based on our Quality Score. The Quality Score is determined by a number of factors including a specific address, whether or not the listing has pictures, and a good description. Paid listings are manually setup and checked by by our team so that we know they are being displayed correctly. This also has an effect on the Quality Score of similar weight to having pictures. If two listings would otherwise have the same Quality Score, the paid listing will be displayed first. Apartments added by owners with the Advertise Your Apartment section of our site are assumed to have all available information and to be of high quality.

When is it used?

The "Best Match" sorting is the default for searches in a non-specific location, e.g. "Pittsburgh, Pa" or "90210". A precise location, such as "100 Main Street" will default to sorting results by their distance from that point. Best Match sorting is available for all searches on Rent Jungle. From the list, simply click "Best Match" to use this sorting method. Payment received for listings does not affect any other sorting method and all relevant results will be returned for all searches without regard to payment.

Beware of rental ad scams: Rent Jungle is a rental search engine for apartment hunters and is not responsible for the content of rental listings found on the site. Rent Jungle encourages you to use common sense while apartment hunting. Beware of fraudulent listings. Click here to learn about common scams.