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Ah, February. The month of love. Or heartbreak, depending on how your Valentine’s Day went. You could be planning to move in with your new boo or you could be searching for your new bachelor pad. Whatever the situation, if you’re in the market for a new place, you might want to bring someone else into the equation. We’re talking about us! Let Rent Jungle be your guiding light in the apartment search madness.

1. Comparing rent

If you’re moving to an entirely new neighborhood, you’ll probably be unfamiliar with what the average person is paying for their rent. You don’t want to be suckered into paying too much only to find out you could be paying less for an even nicer place. Just head to our Compare Rent page and enter in your city, the number of bedrooms, and your price range.

2. Advanced search

There are probably some specific qualifications that you’re looking for in your next apartment. Hardwood floors a must? Need a walk-in closet for your wardrobe? Do you not want to spend the money on furniture and need a fully-furnished apartment? Just check off the boxes. We’ll show you only the apartment listings with those features.

If you have a special circumstance, it’s a cinch to find the proper housing for you. Whether you’re a student, in the military, or a senior, just check off the appropriate box and boom! The apartments that suit your particular needs are right there at your fingertips.

3. Show neighborhoods

Perhaps, you’re looking for an apartment in a particular neighborhood. You’re looking to up your hipster cred by moving into the coolest neighborhood in the city? No problem! In the map view of the apartment search, click the box that says Show Neighborhoods. You’ll be able to see outlines of the neighborhoods so it’s clear where one starts and the other ends.

4. City Information

Major cities on Rent Jungle get an additional tidbit that other cities don’t receive. From the listings page, scroll down to the bottom and you’ll find a rundown of some of the most important information that you’ll need to know. See what the average temperature is, learn about the major sports teams, and see what the top neighborhoods are in this city.

Finding the perfect apartment shouldn’t be stressful. Rent Jungle has the largest number of active listings and we make it easy to find the place you’ll fall in love with.

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If you’re graduating this spring, you’re probably scouting for a place to settle down, at least for a little while. In the middle of hunting for your first “big-kid job”, you also need to find an apartment. But where to start?

San Francisco

Fog will be a staple of your life in San Francisco. Mornings are typically accompanied by a dense fog that dissipates throughout the day. After living in San Fran for a week, we guarantee that you’ll have a whole new definition of “I’ll be there in 10.” Those hills are killer and take some getting used to. Being environmentally conscious will become second nature to you because trash cans in offices are few and far between. Recycling is a must! SF will definitely require a bit of a lifestyle change if you’re not accustomed to some of the things we mentioned. Find your San Fran dream apartment here.


You can’t find a bad cup of coffee in Seattle even if you try. They’re also a little dog obsessed, so if you have a fur-baby, rest assured that you’re amongst friends. If you have sensitive skin and prefer to stay out of the sun, you’re in luck! Seattle only gets an average of 71 sunny days each year. Seattle was one of the hottest job markets in the country in 2016 so you won’t have to worry about where you’ll find money for your Starbucks obsession. If you’re into food, (who isn’t?) you’ll thrive in arguably the best food scene in the country. The only downside to Seattle: the rain. If you can get over that, new grads will love this rainy city. Find your ideal Seattle apartment here.


The Mile High City’s first ever permanent structure was a saloon, just to give you an idea of what you’re getting into if you move to Denver. If you’re a fan of sunshine, Denver is your city. They receive on average 300 days of sunshine each year. Sure, the snow falls heavily but it usually doesn’t stick around for long. Denver also has the most national parks in the country, boasting 14,000 acres of mountain parks so if you’re the outdoorsy type, Denver has what you need. If this all sounds like music to your ears you can find your mile-high apartment here.

Washington DC

If you’re looking to make bank, DC might be your haven. Coming in number one again as the highest median income in the country, DC will show you the money BUT the cost of living there is higher than the rest of the country. So it might feel like you’re making more money but it pretty much evens out. If you’ve been to DC before, you’ll know that the city is spattered with free museums. If you can tolerate the crowds of tourists, they’re a great place to spend an afternoon. If history is your thing and you don’t mind tourists, Washington DC might be your place! Check out our Washington DC listings here.


Austin, TX is already one of the coolest cities in the country. It’s a bustling hub for music and not just Country Western. With the University of Texas providing a slew of young people to keep the city fun and exciting. Rent prices range anywhere from $800 to upwards of $1,500 so you’re bound to find something that fits your budget in Austin. Barbecue is serious business in Austin so expect to see long lines but don’t worry - the BBQ is well worth the wait. If this sounds like your post-grad paradise find your perfect Austin apartment here.

Finding a place to plant your roots after college is difficult, especially with so many options to choose from. However, there’s a perfect city out there for everyone. If you can’t find it on the first try, we’ll be right there behind you to help you on your way to the next.

Do you have any post-college plans to get away? Share your dream cities with us on Facebook and Twitter! We’d love to hear where you’re planning to move.

Christmas Around the Country

The Christmas tree at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City

Image courtesy of Michael T. via Flickr

90% of folks in the United States celebrate Christmas each year and it’s celebrated all across the world in more than 160 countries. Every culture and place has a different way of celebrating the holiday. In Sweden, there is a brightly lit parade of torches that ends in a huge bonfire. The first decorated Christmas trees were in German homes. The traditional poinsettia plant came from Mexico in the 1830’s and became a Christmas symbol by 1900. There are a million ways to celebrate the holiday. Here’s how you can celebrate it across the United States:

New York City

When you think of a traditional Christmas celebration, it probably involves a tree. Whether it be a fake tree or a real one is up to your family but a Christmas tableau isn’t complete without a tree. Well, NYC has a tree and it is epic. Rockefeller Center Plaza’s ice skating rink might be a touristy spot but even lifelong New Yorkers can’t resist the charm of the 100 foot tree sprinkled with over 45,000 LED lights. It’s worth seeing at least once each holiday season.


Bing Crosby crooned about dreaming of a ‘White Christmas’, we don’t think he was referring to the white sand beaches of Hawaii but we’ll certainly take it. There aren’t many pine trees making their homes in Hawaii but a 50 foot Norfolk pine Christmas tree finds its way to Honolulu for the City Lights event each year. If you’re spending your Christmas in Hawaii, make sure you say “Mele Kalikimaka” instead of “Merry Christmas!”


If you’re planning on spending a Christmas in Texas, you’ll find no better place than in the Christmas Capital of Texas, Grapevine. Not only is it the best place to spend Christmas in Texas but it rivals most other places in the country in terms of extravagant celebrations.


Christmas in the southwestern United States can sometimes be more like a Mexican Christmas than anything else. In places like Albuquerque, the tradition of luminaries gets so big that there’s an entire festival dedicated to it! The whole neighborhood lights up with paper lanterns, store bought and homemade.

Christmas around the world is celebrated in a million different ways and in the United States too, every area has their own traditions. No matter where you go, if you celebrate Christmas, you’ll find merry people rejoicing in the season.

What is your favorite Christmas tradition? Does your town have an interesting holiday tradition? Share them with us on Facebook or in the comments! If your hometown isn't very festive and you're looking to move somewhere with a more festive spirit, check our rental listings in some of these areas.

Apartment Nightmares


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It’s inarguably the scariest month of the year and you’re bound to hit up at least one haunted house before Halloween. But what happens when living in your own home becomes a nightmare? There are some problems that can’t be helped but you can detect the signs of them before signing the papers. Other issues might seem like the end of the world but they’re easily manageable.


1. Creepy Crawlies

We dislike spiders just as much as the next person so, we understand if an infestation of the eight-legged menaces feels like a nightmare come to life. Clear the area around your apartment to make sure there are no dark places for them to hide like piles of leaves and other miscellaneous items stacked around the outside. To protect the inside of your home against a arachnid invasion, spider repellant spray can be purchased at home improvement stores, or you can make your own using household items.


2. Spooky Smoke

Having neighbors that smoke frequently isn’t always bad. If they smoke far enough away from the building and refrain from doing it indoors, you can probably get away with having a smoke-free environment. However, much of the time, that’s not the case and you’re forced to deal with smoke wafting in through your windows and stinking up your common areas. When you’re checking out the apartment before renting, keep an eye out for ash trays in common areas or outside. That’s a sure sign of a smoker! If you’ve already moved in and discovered your new neighbor to be puffing away like a chimney, befriend them. Once you’re on friendly terms, you can ask them to keep their smoking away from the apartment. They’re much more willing to oblige once you’re actual friends.


3. Nightmare Neighbors

We’ve probably all lived with that neighbor from hell at some point in our lives. They’re loud and noisy and inconsiderate to those around them. In an apartment building full of the everyday sounds of life, theirs are always loudest. The only good way of saving yourself from that suffering is to check it out beforehand. Visit the apartment during the day and keep your ears open for noise seeping through the walls. It’s impossible to tell how thin the walls are just from one visit but it might also be helpful to ask other neighbors about any sound issues before moving in.


Moving into a new apartment shouldn’t be a nightmare experience. Problems arise with everything but there are ways of both sniffing out potential problems as well as tackling the problems head on.


What’s the most nightmarish apartment situation you’ve ever been in and how did you solve it? Looking for your dream apartment? Rent Jungle has the tools to keep the nightmares at bay and the great apartments coming.

A Beer Lover’s Guide to Seattle


Image courtesy of Wikimedia

We’ve come across some very strange holidays in our travels, many of which seem to have no real purpose or reason to them. For example, National Tooth Fairy Day (February 28), Take Your Plants for a Walk Day (July 27), or Bathtub Day (December 5). We’re not sure what you would want to celebrate any of those holidays but we did find one holiday that we’re positive you’ll be interested in participating in: Drink a Beer Day. Luckily for all of us, that holiday is today!


Even if we’re not counting beer, Seattle should be named as one of the best beverage cities in the world. Not only do they have spectacular beer but they have coffee (Starbucks, anyone?), alcohol (the city is inundated with distilleries), and wine.


With over 300 breweries in Washington state and over 40 of those being in Seattle, you know that the Emerald City knows what they’re doing when it comes to beer.


Populuxe Brewing, 826B NW 49th Street

With a constantly rotating cast of brews, you never know which ones you’ll see on the menu upon arrival at Populuxe. The word ‘populuxe’ itself is a combination of the words ‘popular’ and ‘deluxe’ which are the two perfect words to describe Populuxe beer. From smooth to hoppy to spicy, there’s a beer at Populuxe for every kind of beer drinker. An American Blonde for those with lighter sensibilities or a Cinderblock CDA for those with an IPA preference, no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.


Elysian Brewing, 1221 E Pike St

With their Immortal IPA listed as one of “The 15 Washington Beers You Need to Drink Before You Die”, Elysian Brewing is serving up Seattle beer realness all across the state. Elysian has brewed over 350 beer recipes since their founding in 1996 so you know that they know what they’re doing when it comes to brews. On top of their ever rotating selection of seasonal beers they’re also hosting the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival coming up in October.


Pike Brewing, 1415 1st Ave

Before craft beer was cool, Pike Brewing was already perfecting the process of brewing it. Their emphasis on local and sustainable sources for their ingredients leads to a quality that you just can’t find elsewhere. In addition to their year-round staples, they also have their seasonal beers which on a crisp fall evening truly hit the spot. (You can never go wrong in autumn with a pumpkin beer) The original hipsters of craft beer, Pike Brewing also offer brewery tours so you can get a behind the scenes look at how your favorite beers come to life.


There are plenty of cities that are known for their brews but Seattle just might be number one. Today, in honor of Drink a Beer Day, we recommend celebrating in the most appropriate way: with an ice cold beer.


Looking for a home in one of the beer capitals of the world? Rent Jungle can help you find an apartment within walking distance to your favorite bar or brewery in Seattle.

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