10 Ways to Handle Living With Roommates

If this is your first time living with roommates or your thousandth time, it doesn't really ever get any easier. Sometimes you get blessed with reasonable, clean roommates. Other times, you don't get so lucky. There are certain ways to handle living with roommates that can make it easier on everyone involved.

1. Try an over the door shoe organizer. It can hold all of your shampoos/conditioners/body washes/exfoliators/lotions etc. without taking up precious shower shelf space. And something starts leaking, it won't be dripping down the tub walls onto the floor where you're likely to slip on it.
2. Make sure that you've got enough towels for everyone. The worst feeling in the world is getting out of the shower dripping and not being able to find a towel and having to grab a just-used, still-damp towel. *Shudder*
3. Never eat food that doesn't belong to you unless you ask first. Wars have been started over less.
4. Make it very clear whose toothbrush belongs to whom. Separate holders are helpful or a piece of tape with Sharpie on it. You don't want to have the toothbrush in your mouth before you realize it's not yours.
5. Keep a tray at the entrance of the apartment with sections in it for each roommate.
6. When you walk through the door, drop your keys, phone, wallet in the appropriate section so when you leave, you know where your stuff is at. It doesn't help to get all the way to your destination before realizing you have someone else's wallet. (Or is it better to have someone else's wallet?)
7. If you're having trouble deciding who gets to do what chores, try a chore wheel! You never know what chore you might end up with but at least everyone can be held accountable for their responsibilities. It's Russian Chore Roulette but everyone loses when chores are involved.
8. Magazine rack organizers are a great way of keeping all of your hair tools from getting tangled together and getting them out of the way.
9. Long haired folks: brush your hair PRIOR to getting in the shower. Save yourself and your roommates the struggle of putting one of those drain snakes down the shower and extracting goodness only knows what.
10. And for the love of all that is good in the world, the Cardinal Rule of Living With Roommates: replace the toilet paper roll.

Roommates can be amazing or it can be a nightmare. It's all how you treat each other. If you respect your roommates and respect the space you're now forced to share with each other, everything will go smoothly and you'll have a great time. If you don't pull your weight in the apartment, things can go downhill very fast. The Golden Rule applies here: Treat others the way that you want to be treated. Would you want to finish your business in the bathroom just to realize there's no toilet paper? Respect your roommates and you'll have no problems.
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