3 Of The Best US Cities For Foodies

Overhead shot of food lying on a cutting board
Image courtesy of Pixabay

Some people eat because they have to but other people eat because they love to. Foodies are everywhere these days and where there are foodies, there's bound to be some spectacular restaurants. We're tracking down the cities with the best scene for food enthusiasts.

Charleston, SC
When you think southern cuisine, your mind probably immediately jumps to fried foods. In Charleston, you'll find your fair share of fried foods but you'll also find much more than that. Being that close to the Atlantic means being within arms' reach of fresh seafood at (almost) all times. The city's evolution into a modern food hub may have begun with the inaugural Charleston Wine & Food Festival in 2006 where now over 25,000 people gather to indulge in the best that the city has to offer. Becoming a part of the Charleston food scene is as easy as heading to Rent Jungle to find your dream apartment.

Chicago, IL

The Windy City might be well-known for its deep dish pizza that might as well be a pizza cake, but their food scene has more depth than their pizzas. Chicago is actually a northern go-to for barbecue. Because Chicago's BBQ scene is newer, it's more nebulous, always changing and adapting to current trends. Chicago's most basic staples, hot dogs, pizza, and Italian beef, might seem simple but they're actually the most well thought out dishes in the city. With hot dogs, it's all in the garnishes: "Dragged through the garden" refers to the yellow mustard, pickle relish, chopped white onions, chili peppers, tomato slices, pickle spear and celery salt dressing each dog."ยน Don't underestimate the simple things. They might not be as simple as they appear.

Los Angeles, CA

Philadelphia has their cheesesteak, Chicago has their deep dish, and Los Angeles has tacos. A rather understated dish for a city has wild as LA, but you have to know where to find the best ones (usually, from a street vendor). What truly makes Los Angeles such an amazing city for food? The diversity of the people who call it home. With almost 50% of the population being Hispanic or Latino and around 11% being of Asian descent, you can find authentic cuisine made by people who actually know what they're doing and refuse to tone down their creations for picky eaters. Los Angeles, while the city of stars, has more casual dining than you would imagine. With fewer fine dining experiences, there's less pressure to have fancy dishes like lobster and truffles and more focus on interesting and delicious inventions.

Sure, we all need to eat but for those who seek out the best possible experiences, these cities are the tops. So, now that you've found the food, how about a place to live? Check Rent Jungle's listings in each of the cities above with the click of a button.

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