3. Notice the Flaws

One important apartment hunting step is to write down all the major and minor flaws in an apartment before signing the lease. Unless you want to get stuck with the repairs via your security deposit, you want to make sure that you take pictures of these flaws and present them when the lease is terminated.

2. Location and Neighbors

Before deciding on the apartment, be sure to speak with the neighbors to make sure that this is the type of neighborhood you want to live in, and that they are not going to drive you crazy if you move in. There is nothing worse than finding the apartment of your dreams, only to have that dream turn into a nightmare due to a single unruly neighbor!

1. Reading the Lease

Read. The. Lease. We have made several posts about this point, but it is one worth making. Take the time to read through all 15 pages of the lease to make sure you actually agree with what you are signing your next year to. Sometimes there are strange clauses of debatable legality. Worse than that, there can sometimes be crazy, down right illegal clauses in there you should be aware of.

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