5 Awesome Reasons Why Living Alone Rocks

christmas-316447_1280Living alone shouldn't be frowned upon. In fact, it should be celebrated. Why? Because becoming a solo dweller allows you freedom like never before. Of course there are some funny reasons, like never needing to put the toilet paper back on its holder, to make it awesome, but there are also some genuine benefits that make living alone a rocking choice.

Here are a few of our favorites:

1. You can choose the decor for the entire space

Now you can officially decorate the entire space to your liking, so let your creativity flow! No more compromising on a wall color - you have full reign to choose a bright red or a minimalist white. Decorating and coming home to a space that suits your lifestyle can be a real breath of fresh air.

2. You are the king or queen of the bills

No more bugging your roommate or partner to pay the bills on time - it's all in your control! But this can also go the other way around - when the electricity bill is through the roof, there is only yourself to blame. Living on your own can teach you a valuable lesson about responsibility, especially in terms of budgeting and managing your rent and utilities.

3. The perfect aid for self discovery

Living alone provides the perfect environment to discover more about yourself - your strengths, weaknesses, desires, habits, and motivations - with little to no distractions. If you feel like attempting a YouTube yoga video for the first time, you have the ultimate privacy to try it out without any judgment. Learning how to handle personal and emotional situations on your own may be hard at first, but it can lead to an incredible road of self discovery.

4. You will appreciate people more

This may sound weird, but spending time on your lonesome will help you to value time with others, as the time you spend with them is not forced, but cherished by choice.

5. You can enjoy some extra Zzz's

You have the ultimate luxury of peace and quiet at all times. No more listening to roommates coming and going, banging on the door because they forgot their keys, or playing loud music when you want to sleep. If you'd like to go to bed early on a Friday night or sleep in until the double digits on a Sunday morning, you have nobody stopping you. A quiet home is now a happy one, where you can get the peaceful sleep you deserve - always!

Becoming a king or queen of your own pad really does rock. Let us in on your favorite qualities of living alone!

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