Did you just find your dream apartment? Congratulations! The next step for many people is decorating their home. Furniture, art, lamps and more are just some of the items you need to start to furnish your perfect home. Here are a few rules to avoid when creating your space.1) Furniture has to be against a wall.Who came up with this rule? Furniture does not need to be glued to any walls in your apartment. If you have the space, explore moving furniture away from the walls and in the middle of the room. There are many different grouping options and placements that you can explore.2) Every room needs a color scheme.Who says you need one dominant color in every room? Maybe you need to focus on an art piece or furniture item to pull your decorating inspiration. A pattern or image can also be used to create a theme in a room. Play around with the items you have to choose what is best for your home.3) Make everything match.The blue couch matches the blue wallpaper which matches the blue artwork. This does not need to be the central idea in decorating. Many times that idea will make your room look more bland that you intended to. Make sure to mix together pieces from different designs and time periods. This layered look will create a contrast that you will always love.4) Every spot in the room needs to be decorated.Do you see a little square of blank space and feel like you need to fill it with something? This is not a good idea for[caption id="attachment_2638" align="alignleft" width="300"]Image from Pixabay Image from Pixabay[/caption]your decorating plan. Design a room based on your needs then add the accessories that you want. Every space does not need to be filled in the room.5) Decorators never make mistakes. Everyone can make a mistake. It is not the end of the world if you try a paint color you don't like or pick a wallpaper that is too much for a room. You can always return and try again. Take chances and do not worry about making mistakes. You can always replace the item or cover it up with something different.For more decorating tips and tricks, you can visit Apartment Therapy.
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