5. Stinky Food

Ever wonder what that smell is emanating from the refrigerator? Do you open it to see globs of old food pulsating on dishes, attacking other food items? If it's not yours, it's your roommates, and it can be a bad sign. Leaving bad food around can mean he or she has other stinky habits. Old clothes, unwashed dishes, and moldy pizza boxes may be lurking under a couch near you…

4. Bathroom Hog

It's 7AM and you have to be at work in an hour. You rush to the bathroom, grasp the doorknob, and slam your body into the unopened door. Your roommate, slowly picking out nose hairs calls from the other side of the door "Oh, just five more minutes!" Now it is 7:25, you've packed your lunch, laptop, and everything else for work. You go back to the bathroom and give it a knock. "Oh sorry, I'll be out in a minute…" The sound of plucking nose hairs haunts you all day long, even as you stay an extra hour after work to make up for coming in late.

3. Bad Billing

"Hey Jean, why're the lights off? And why can't I get a charge on my phone?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot to pay the power bill. Don't worry, I'll do it tomorrow!"

Two weeks later, and you're still heating up a can of beans on the stove and huddling over a dim candle for warmth.

2. Food Stealing

There is nothing worse than waking up on a Saturday morning, walking to the fridge, and realizing that the delicious pizza you boxed up the night before is inexplicably M.I.A. Instead you find that only one, slim, bald, soggy piece is left. Meanwhile your roommate has already left the house with a full stomach. The worst.

1. The Uber-Neat Freak

    Coasters. Laminated couch covers. Sanitation stations with Clorox wipes in every room. Separate dish sponges. Tongue scrapers. Fabreze by the gallon. Hand sanitizer everywhere. Rubber gloves. De-ruffled carpets.

    Although this roommate will keep the house cleaner, they can also make your life miserable. Unless you already share similar tendencies, you will soon need to get used to a rigid cleaning regiment that leaves you with little time for anything else. You might also have to get used to the smell of bleach and that deafening sound of industrial sized floor waxers.

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