5 Things to Avoid in Los Angeles

Los Angeles in fog

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The City of Angels. The City of Stars. Tinseltown. The city of Los Angeles has a distinct personality separate from its on-screen persona that you might find surprising at first but once you dig down into it, you'll see that it's been there all along. A lot of folks, upon moving to LA, get lost in what they think they should be doing instead of looking for the real heart of the city. We've uncovered it and we've put together a list of some things you should avoid when moving to Los Angeles.

1. Santa Monica Pier
It might seem like a fun idea but you'll end up regretting it immediately when you see the crowds. Not only is it one of the most touristy sights in the city but the restaurants and bars are pricey. You can do better!

2. Hiking Runyon Canyon
While the temptation of seeing a celebrity like Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift is strong, the deterrent of large crowds is stronger. Sure, you might see a few celebs on your hike but they'll be sweaty, you'll be sweaty, do you really want to talk to them in that state? Probably not. Instead, opt for Griffith Park. There's more to see and the view from the top is infinitely better. Stop at the Griffith Observatory to catch a real view from the top.

3. Rodeo Drive
If you've got the money to be shopping on Rodeo Drive, more power to you! But on your way to those designer shops and boutiques, you'll encounter more tourists window-shopping than there are stars in the sky. It's not worth the trouble. Instead, try Robertson Boulevard for the same caliber of stores without the crush of the crowds. Plus, there's still a chance that you'll catch a glimpse of some celebrities.

4. The Same Old Food
Los Angeles is a thriving and diverse city full of people While it's easy to feel claustrophobic when surrounded by the masses, it's important to remember what everyone is bringing to the table. With so many different cultures meeting in one place, there is an outpouring of spectacular restaurants with authentic cuisine just like they make it back home. Don't stick to the same boring dishes you've been eating at chain restaurants for years. Branch out and try something interesting.

5. Driving
Obviously, you won't be able to avoid driving the entire time you're living in LA but it's best to avoid it if you can. Traffic in the city is notoriously horrendous. Public transportation isn't much better but it will get you where you need to go.

Moving to Los Angeles is a strange experience but one that you won't regret. The interesting culture and people that gather there makes the whole thing worth it.

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