5 Tips to Make Your Apartment Instagram Worthy

Wish your apartment was as perfectly put together as the spaces that pop up on your Instagram feed? It's not as hard as it seems. Try out these simple décor hacks to transform your space into an Instagram-worthy dream pad.

1. It's All in the Lighting

The key to a great photo is great lighting. Natural lighting is best, so when you are apartment hunting, look for a spot with plenty of windows and flattering afternoon light. Remove any heavy drapery to keep your room bright. Replace dark curtains with sheer, gauzy drapes, which will let soft, diffused light into your home.

Make sure that your lighting is top notch when the sun goes down too. Interior design experts recommend having at least five separate light sources in each room, which will provide the most flattering lighting for the space, and allow you to adjust the lighting to suit different moods.

When in doubt, twinkle lights and a ton of candles can turn even the dingiest space into an Instagram fairyland.


2. Consider Scale

Instead of filling your home with a ton of small objects, consider investing in a few larger pieces. Larger pieces look more high quality and help ground the eye. A large piece of framed art is much more dramatic than a gallery wall of tiny postcard sized prints. Or buy an oversized houseplant to add some gravitas to a living room. While knick knacks and souvenirs are cute on their own, they can make a space look cluttered. Limit yourself to just a few trinkets, and instead of arranging them all together on a shelf, scatter them throughout the space as accent pieces.

Give your possessions room to breathe. Having fewer objects will make your room look bigger. Take a hard look at your furniture and décor and decide what is absolutely necessary. Having too many chairs in your living room can make your apartment look cramped. Channel your inner Scandinavian minimalist and transform your apartment into a clean, peaceful place.

3. Add a Pop of Color

An accent wall is always an attention getting interior design choice. Paint one wall of your apartment a dramatic color to brighten up the space. A dark hue can be a chic, sophisticated choice, or pick a bright jewel tone to add some energy to your apartment. If you are nervous about making such a radical change, a muted color like a silvery sage, or a dove gray, can add dimension to your space in a subtle way. If you really want to invest in your home, you might consider a wallpaper accent wall. If you only wallpaper a small area, you can experiment with fun, bold patterns without risk of overwhelming the room.

An accent wall requires a half-gallon of paint and just a few spare hours one weekend, but it can completely transform your space. Be sure to ask your landlord before you paint or paper, or run the risk of losing your security deposit when you move out.

pop of color

4. Go Green

Nothing can liven up a room like a half dozen houseplants, which is why so many Instagram home tours look a lot like indoor jungles. If you don't have a green thumb, don't worry; there are many attractive, low maintenance plants. Cacti can go weeks and weeks without being watered, and philodendrons are notoriously hardy. Snake plants also don't require a lot of sunlight, and are easy to care for. Though they are beautiful, don't buy ferns or fiddle leaf figs unless you are confident about your plant rearing skills, both are known for being finicky.

Nothing can ruin the houseplant aesthetic like an ugly plastic pot, so be sure to repot your plants into ceramic vessels, which are easily available at craft, garden, and hardware stores.

add some green

5. Clear Those Surfaces

Part of the appeal of an Instagram house tour is simply how clean it is. No matter how cool your throw pillows or how striking your wall tapestry, no home looks chic with piles of crap everywhere. Keep dishes, mail and other detritus from accumulating on surface areas around your house. It can be difficult to maintain a perfectly tidy life, so invest in attractive storage containers to store your clutter. Tuck loose papers into cute woven baskets to keep them from piling up on your kitchen table, or snag some antique wooden crates from the flea market to corral your daily essentials. If staying on top of your day to day clutter is too great of a challenge, just shove it out of frame before you snap your picture. Trust us, that is what most of these influencers are doing anyway.

With some good lighting, a bright accent wall, and a houseplant or two, your apartment will be inspiring social media envy in no time. Check out our rental listings to find the perfect, Instagram worthy apartment for you. Happy hunting!


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