Summer is in full force, and many renters are seeing the damage on their electricity bills. Being slightly warm is one thing, but when the sun is beating down on your apartment or rental home all day you can't help but turn on the A.C. to keep cool. Instead of watching the bills increase month after month, take off some heat by following some easy to do tips:

5. Open Windows At Night
This only works if you live in an environment where it stays cool at night, but you would be surprised at how many people don't do this even when it drops down to 60 degrees. Any amount of time the A.C. isn't running, that's more money in your pockets!

4. Turn Stuff Off

When you leave the house turn off all the lights, your laptop, fans, TVs, and anything else electrical. Computers are the worst because they heat up the house while sucking power.

3. Manage The A.C. Better
If you're not home, keep the air conditioner off. Some units let you program it to turn on a few minutes before you get home. If that is not an option, just remember to keep it off as long as possible. This means turning it off at night when it cools off, turning it off when you leave the house for extended periods of time, and generally only using it when necessary.

2. Fans. Use Them.
Ceiling fans, table fans, hat fans- whatever you've got, use it. Fans not only circulate the air, but they make miserably hot rooms feel surprisingly cool. You may find that you don't need your A.C. on half the time if you have a fan directly blowing on you. Also, use a fan at night instead of the A.C.. It works.

1. Curtains Rock
Buy light-blocking curtains and window shades for every window. The good ones will reflect the sunlight back out, and even the worst ones will keep the sun from directly heating your apartment. A lot of these curtains will even help keep your apartment warm in the winter, so it's a good idea to do this early.

Bonus: Paint Your Roof White

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