Image courtesy of Wikipedia CommonsThe days are heating up and that carries into the night for some uncomfortable slumbering. The results are tossing and turning in the middle of the night and waking up sticky with sweat and uncomfortable. If you are someone who cannot sleep when it gets to be too warm we're here to help. These tips will help ease you into a comfy sleep without needing an air conditioner blasting all night.
  1. Stick your sheets or pillow in the freezer. This will keep them chilly as you're falling asleep. If you're not into the frozen leftover smell, make sure to stick them in a plastic bag first.
  2. Keep your blinds and shades in the bedroom down during the day. The sun can heat up a room and keep it baking well into the night. Prevent the lingering heat by keeping the room dark.
  3. Take a cool shower. Lowering your core body temperature is a great way to ease you into sleep. Plus you'll wash off the sweat from the day which will make falling asleep even easier.
  4. Stick to light cotton fabrics when dressing for sleep. Fewer layers helps with air circulation as does the light material. The fabric can also help soak up any sweat you may produce in the night.
  5. Fill a hot water bottle with water and freeze it during the day so it's ready to go at night. Sticking it under the sheets or under your pillow will help cool you down throughout the night.
  6. If you wake up in the middle of the night overheated, head to the freezer and place ice packs on your pulse points (wrists, neck, crooks of the elbow) to cool off quickly.
  7. If possible, sleep on the first floor. Since heat rises, getting lower to the ground will allow for sleeping in cooler air. Pull your mattress onto the floor for a makeshift campout.
  8. Sleeping alone is ideal for keeping cool. If you sleep alone, spread out! Keeping your arms and legs away from each other prevents heat from getting trapped allowing for more air flow.
  9. Eat light before you hit the hay. Proteins and other heavy meals cause your body to heat up as they're broken down. Stick to salads and fruits that metabolise easier. This will also keep you from using the oven or stove which heat up rooms.
Waking up hot and sticky with sweat isn't fun and keeps you from falling back asleep. Keep everything light from your meals to your clothes to your sheets. These 9 easy tips will help keep you cool in the middle of the night.
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