Many people think of their bedroom as a safe haven to come home to after stressful work days or busy afternoons looking after the kids. Having a comfortable spot to tuck in at night and relax at other times can create a well-deserved break. The perfect bedroom can be a quiet corner to gather our thoughts and be alone if needed.

Some people look at pictures of decorated bedrooms in magazines and become envious. They think it's impossible to recreate the look without excessive amounts of money. However, there are ways to change a bedroom from drab to beautiful with limited funds. The key is looking beyond the exterior of the object and imagining what it could be.

Here are a few simple ways to create a great bedroom look on a budget:

The Floor

Instead of putting carpet on the floor, throw rugs are less expensive and allow the natural beauty of the floor to be noticed. Throw rugs are reasonably priced at many department stores. A variety of choices in color, shape and size are usually easy to find. Some find that using the same color on the rug as they would on the wall works best, but many use a plethora of color.

The Bedding

Beautiful bedding is available in major department stores and is on sale at various times throughout the year. Duvet covers, for example, are extremely elegant and can be had for a steal if you wait for the right time. They'll add that extra touch of luxury to your bedroom without raiding your piggy bank. Throw in some decorative pillows and a dust ruffle to make the bed look extra beautiful.

The Walls

Painting the walls is probably the most cost-effective way to brighten up a bedroom. Blue and green colors have a reputation for being very soothing and relaxing. To dress up the paint job a bit more, install crown molding, a simple project that is cost effective when done yourself. Stenciling will also dress up a paint job. Mirrors, pictures and artwork can be found cheap at flea markets, garage sales, estate sales, online auctions and in the newspaper ads.

The Windows

Decorating the area around the windows can be achieved in variety of ways. Some people like the simple look of a shade or blind with a topper and some prefer a full set of drapes. Shades, blinds, toppers, drapes or any other type of window decorations are reasonably priced at department stores. Remember, it is only hanging up on the window, so do not pay too much for it. If the bedding and the curtains are purchased at the same place, matching sets may be available.

The Lighting

Lamps in the bedroom offer a more subdued lighting than overhead lights. There is seldom any harshness with floor or table lamps, and they create a more-relaxed atmosphere. Garage sales, estate sales, flea markets, online auctions and newspaper ads can turn up a variety of vintage or trendy lamps. Some lamps may just need a new shade to look desirable. Cords should be checked for safety before using the new lamp. If a repair is needed and it doesn't look too costly, go for it. Sometimes you may even be able to do it yourself.

The bedroom is a sanctuary away from the world. Get your desired look with a little touch-up here and there on found items. A splash of color or a coat of shellac will make an amazing difference.

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