Apartment Nightmares


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Itís inarguably the scariest month of the year and youíre bound to hit up at least one haunted house before Halloween. But what happens when living in your own home becomes a nightmare? There are some problems that canít be helped but you can detect the signs of them before signing the papers. Other issues might seem like the end of the world but theyíre easily manageable.


1. Creepy Crawlies

We dislike spiders just as much as the next person so, we understand if an infestation of the eight-legged menaces feels like a nightmare come to life. Clear the area around your apartment to make sure there are no dark places for them to hide like piles of leaves and other miscellaneous items stacked around the outside. To protect the inside of your home against a arachnid invasion, spider repellant spray can be purchased at home improvement stores, or you can make your own using household items.


2. Spooky Smoke

Having neighbors that smoke frequently isnít always bad. If they smoke far enough away from the building and refrain from doing it indoors, you can probably get away with having a smoke-free environment. However, much of the time, thatís not the case and youíre forced to deal with smoke wafting in through your windows and stinking up your common areas. When youíre checking out the apartment before renting, keep an eye out for ash trays in common areas or outside. Thatís a sure sign of a smoker! If youíve already moved in and discovered your new neighbor to be puffing away like a chimney, befriend them. Once youíre on friendly terms, you can ask them to keep their smoking away from the apartment. Theyíre much more willing to oblige once youíre actual friends.


3. Nightmare Neighbors

Weíve probably all lived with that neighbor from hell at some point in our lives. Theyíre loud and noisy and inconsiderate to those around them. In an apartment building full of the everyday sounds of life, theirs are always loudest. The only good way of saving yourself from that suffering is to check it out beforehand. Visit the apartment during the day and keep your ears open for noise seeping through the walls. Itís impossible to tell how thin the walls are just from one visit but it might also be helpful to ask other neighbors about any sound issues before moving in.


Moving into a new apartment shouldnít be a nightmare experience. Problems arise with everything but there are ways of both sniffing out potential problems as well as tackling the problems head on.


Whatís the most nightmarish apartment situation youíve ever been in and how did you solve it? Looking for your dream apartment? Rent Jungle has the tools to keep the nightmares at bay and the great apartments coming.

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