Apartment Safety Tips

Sometimes you hear about a friend, relative, or neighbor who has been victimized by theft, and it makes you want to reevaluate your own safety situation. You can never be to careful when it comes to making your home a safe place, so here are some tips to help keep your apartment safe and happy.

1. Always Lock Up
Whether you are just stepping out to give the dog a walk, or coming home to go to bed, lock the door. It's best if you have a chain lock in addition to your deadbolt, but if not try to attach some sort of second latch. Also fasten the windows in place.

2. Keep a Light On
A lot of people keep a small light on in the kitchen for two reasons. First, it works as a deterrent to any roaming thieves looking for an easy apartment to get into. Second, when you wake up at 2 A.M. looking for a cold cup of water, you won't stub your toe on the kitchen table.

3. Know Your Neighbors and Neighborhood
Sometimes the best theft deterrent is the people living around you. If you get to know your neighbors, they might help keep an eye on your place while you're out. Since they know who lives with you, anyone entering or exiting the house that they haven't met will be a red flag. Just be sure to let them know about any house-sitters before you go on vacation!

4. Make Sure Common Areas Are Well Lit
If you live in an apartment complex, make sure management keeps common areas bright. This includes the mail area, laundry rooms, foyers, and parking garages. If you live in a rental house, try to keep the front of the building well lit as well.

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