Apartments Vs. Rental Housing

When you're getting ready to rent a new place, there are a few crucial decisions to make before doing anything permanent. You need to find the right neighborhood, the right price, the right amount of space, roommates (maybe), and your local amenities. One thing you might not have fully thought about is decided whether you would like an apartment or a rental home. There are significant differences between the two, so don't be too hasty in your choice!


If you're moving into a larger city, apartments are par for renters. You can squeeze more units in a single building and manage them relativel cheaply. For you, this means you get consistant lease structures, onsite amendities (laundry, the super, etc.), and sometimes you even get parking. You also get a safety buffer, as anyone coming into the apartment complex with malicious intent will either need to sign in, have a key, or have to enter several locked doors before finding your apartment (unless someone buzzes up a jewel theif). Apartments can also give you decent views of the city, and a stronger likely hood of bumping into interesting neighbors.

Rental Houses

Renting a house is a great idea for someone looking for a little bit more space and privacy. While renting a house, you are afforded your own area which you don't have to share with anyone other than friends and family. Houses come with or without laundry machines, have many different types of leases, and can sometimes have fun and interesting renovations. You also tend to have a little more freedom when it comes to decorating as well, so if you're into feng shui, a house might be the best place to call home. Though some rental houses can have a higher rent and utility cost, they are a great stepping stone to buying your own place.

There are many other decisions you'll need to make before moving in. Refining your search to an apartment or rental house can narrow your search jjust enough to help make the final decision. Check out our listings on Rent Jungle and be sure to check the "Apartments" or "Rental housing" checkboxes to find your perfect place!

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