Battle of the Floors: Top vs. Middle vs. Bottom

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Choosing an apartment to live in is tough enough but what about the floor of the apartment building? That's a whole new debate with pros and cons. Each floor has its high and low points (see what we did there?). If you're willing to make certain sacrifices, you can reap the benefits. Let's start from the bottom and work our way up, shall we?


First Floor

Temperature: Hot day outside? Crank on that AC and let the icy breeze cool you. Since you're on the first floor and heat rises, you don't have to worry about that stifling heat.

Safety: First-floor windows are especially well-liked by burglars. They're easy to reach and often left unlocked by forgetful renters.

Moving In: When you move into a first-floor apartment, you don't have to struggle with your heavy furniture up multiple flights of stairs. Everything's right in front of you!

The View: We're not talking about Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg. There's not much to see from the first floor, unfortunately. Being on the first floor means that you probably have a ton of other buildings blocking any view you could have.

Noise: You are at the bottom of the loudest pyramid and your neighbors probably don't give a flying fart about you. You will be subject to every loud stomp, every dropped bowling ball, and every cell phone vibrating on the floor that your upstairs neighbors have to offer.


Middle Floors

Temperature: In the winter, you'll likely have the best heating bill of the entire building! With all of the floors and apartments around you running their own heaters, your apartment will be nicely insulated with the heat of other people's dollars.

Safety: Floors in the middle of the building are generally safe but depending on how tall the building is, your balcony could be just within reach of a burglar's greedy hands. If you forget to lock your balcony door, you could end up a few possessions short.

Moving In: While not the worst place to have to carry that giant antique dresser from your grandmother to, it definitely won't be fun.

The View: How tall is your apartment building? You might just get a glimpse of some scenery if your building is taller than the surrounding structures. However, our guess is that you'll probably just get a nighttime glimpse at what your neighbors across the street are doing. (Invest in some good curtains - if you can see them, they can see you.)

Noise: Not only will you get to enjoy the symphony of noises coming from above you, you'll also be subjected to any screaming matches your downstairs neighbors may get into. Not ideal.


Top Floor

Temperature: Hot air rises so you'll probably be nice and toasty in the winter. However, your AC bill will skyrocket come summertime.

Safety: Chances are, you're pretty safe. No crook is going to make the effort to climb all the way up to your floor just to see if you left the windows unlocked. Honestly, if they do, they deserve to steal your TV. They've earned it.

Moving In: If your apartment is sans an elevator, good luck. We don't envy the pain you're about to endure.

The View: If you're living in a tall apartment building, you get to look out your window and down at your people like a king surveying his kingdom. Soak it in.

Noise: You are the top of this dog pile and that comes with one of the best benefits of all: never having to listen to your neighbor drunkenly stumbling around and blasting music at 3 in the morning. Congratulations. You've made it.


Just because you're at the top, doesn't mean everything will be peachy. While there are perks to each floor of an apartment building, it depends on your preferences. But most importantly, it depends on your neighbors. The right neighbors can make any miserable apartment complex better.

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