Between Portlandia, Voodoo Donuts and Stumptown Coffee, hipsters have been buzzing about Portland for a decade. But with rents in the hip northwest city climbing higher each year, it may be time to turn to some of the lesser known metro areas in Oregon. Corvallis, Eugene and Salem pack in a lot of northwest charm at a more affordable price point. Get in on these cool Oregon cities now; as people are priced out of Portland, these areas are sure to blow up.

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Home to Oregon State University, Corvallis is a lushly green college town in central Oregon. Situated in the Willamette Valley, Corvallis is surrounded by rolling hills and plenty of trees. Its location is ideal for outdoor recreation: the beach is an hour away, and the city is only 86 miles from the nearest ski slopes. Corvallis is a small city, with a population of a little bit more than 56,000 people. A little bit less than half of the city's population is composed of OSU students. Oregon State University boasts a student body of about 25,000. As in most college towns, sports are huge in Corvallis. Beaver Fever is no joke, and OSU's rivalry with The University of Oregon is intense.

The huge proportion of students in Corvallis skews the city's population young. 55.4% of the population was between the ages of 18 and 44, according to the most recent US census, and 28.4% of the population was between the ages of 18 and 24. In addition, only 24% of households in Corvallis have children under the age of 18. While not really a city for families, Corvallis is a great spot for young people.


The widespread prevalence of students makes Corvallis a great city for renters. As of September 2017, the average rent for an apartment in Corvallis is $1099 per month. One-bedroom apartments cost $879 per month on average, and two bedrooms average $1069 per month. Rental prices in this pocket sized Oregon city are rising, but not dramatically. In the last year, Corvallis' rental market has seen the average monthly rent increase by 2.82%


The state capitol of Oregon, Salem is a scenic city with a lot of up and coming culture. The grandiose state capitol building is the focal point of the city. In the springtime, Salem is covered with cherry blossoms. But the treescapes aren't limited to spring. The National Arbor Day Foundation has named Salem "Tree City USA," for the last 30 years in a row, due to its dedication to forestry management.

Downtown Salem is packed with historic charm. The Elsinore Theater, which shows classic movies, live music, and theater productions, has been around for 90 years. But just because Salem is old, doesn't mean it is boring. Salem is breathing new life into their historic downtown with plenty of hip new restaurants, boutiques and bars.

Salem is right in the middle of the Willamette Valley, which is known for its exceptional wines. There are twelve different vineyards on the Salem Wine Tour for anyone who wants a taste of the wine scene.

Salem is also an incredibly affordable city. As of September 2017, the average apartment rental price in Salem is $967. One bedrooms cost $790 per month on average, and two bedroom apartments in Salem average $977 per month. That is 42% less expensive than Portland, where the average rent for an apartment is $1646 per month. People are catching onto this affordable northwest city however. In the past year, Salem has seen rental prices increase by 16.96%.



The third biggest city in Oregon, Eugene is one quarter the size of Portland, but has all of the local breweries, hippies, and outdoor activity that have become synonymous with northwest cities.

If fitness is your jam, you will feel right at home in Eugene. The birthplace of Nike, Eugene has been lovingly dubbed "Track Town USA." Locals love running, and with a plethora of local parks and trails, Eugene is definitely a runner friendly town.

Eugene is known for being a major hippie town. A liberal enclave for activists and nature lovers, Eugene is not afraid to let its freak flag fly. Get in on the hippie action at the Saturday Market, which is seemingly wallpapered in tie-dye.

Eugene is the most expensive city on this list, but is still a very affordable place to live, especially compared to the ever more expensive Portland. As of September 2017, average rent for an apartment in Eugene was $1155 per month. One-bedroom apartments cost $929 per month on average and two bedroom apartments average $1175 per month.


Get in on the northwest scene at an affordable price. Whether you choose the hippie friendly Eugene, are drawn to Salem for its wine and history, or prefer the lush green college town feel of Corvallis, Oregon has plenty to offer. Check our rental listings today to find your dream northwest home.

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