Apartments From Your Favorite Shows

Have you ever noticed how television show characters always seem to have incredible apartments, even if there is a running joke about their poverty? Well thanks to Deviant art Nikneuk's passion to realize the apartments of the stars, we can take a look into the floor plans of the greatest characters over the last two decades!





Check out Nikneuk's Deviantart page for more awesome apartment plans!

Halloween Do's and Don'ts

With Halloween here, it is important to have as much fun as possible! If course we all love candy, costumes, and those scary things we loved as children, but as adults we also want to stay somewhat "classy" in our holiday endeavors. Here are a few tips to keep the apartment Halloween kosher.

Do: Decorate

A little decoration goes a long way, and even the slightest effort shows your neighbors how awesome you are!

Don't: Over Decorate

Unless you're really, really bad at decorating...

Do: Be Original

You don't have to buy your costume to turn some heads. Just take a few moments to think about what you're inner party-goer would wear and make it so!

Don't: Be "That Guy" Who Doesn't Try

Ugh, dont be that guy...

Do: Have Fun

Party on, Garth! Party on, Wayne!

Don't: Be A Party Pooper

Too cool to hang out on Halloween? That's cool, there's always Arbor day...

To Theme or Not to Theme

Some people love the idea of having a single theme running throughout their apartment, either showing off a favorite hobby or television show, or just something important to the resident. Let's take a look at some of the more thorough designers out there to see how this idea works in the real world.

1. The "Oh My, You Like Football..." Theme
Is there a way to tell your family and friends you appreciate your local football team better than decking out one of your rooms in an epileptic's nightmare of team colors and logos? If so, I can't think of it.

2. The Incredible Trekkie Theme
I'm all for sporting your love for arguably the best sci-fi television franchise to date, but even most trekkies have their limits. How are your guest supposed to figure out the holodeck with such a foreign interface? Also, I imagine the replicator doesn't really function....

3. The Steam Punk Paradise

Nothing like taking weekly tetanus shots for the sake of art in the apartment. This design might confuse your friends into thinking you're a themed restaurant, but I bet they'll never get bored of coming over.

4. O Captain! My Captain!
Do you think this designer sleeps in a flight suit?

5. Red and White

One color away from being a patriot's dream home. The color theme makes a lot of sense given it can be a lot easier to add/subtract furniture, but it still must be incredible limiting. So theme on, but know that your friends might think you're weird and you might have a lot of trouble keeping up with the design. You also might get bored of looking at the same colors/design. Then again, your apartment could be the best thing in your life.

The Scariest Apartments Ever

There's nothing like starting off the week with a little bit of apartment-horror to add some perspective to your life. Take a look at our top five scary apartments/apartment features ever!

1. Bathroom of Terror
Yikes. And yes, that is a real mine shaft extending down into the abyss.

2. Anywhere Here
Luckily this mess of apartments has been "removed," but it still haunts me. I've heard there was only one bathroom down there...

walled city

3. Every Apartment Storage Area
These plywood nightmares always give me the creeps. Who knows what they'll find among these cluttered cages of neglect. My money is they'll find at least one Blair Witch.

4. Every Rental Home Basement
This basement comes into play in every horror movie shortly after the protagonist says "split up, we'll cover more ground!" and the teenage couple leaves to make whoopi in the backseat of a car.

5. Hoarders Delight You've seen the TV show, now see the reality: hoarders are everywhere, and they could be in the house right now! I guess this renter is going to have one heck of a moving party...


Anti-Zombie Pads? Why Not

If you've got a few million dollars you're not sure what to do with and you also happen to be a zombiephobe, we have good news. It turns out you're not the only one worried about the safety of their home (and by safety we mean SAFETY). These pads were built to be protected from the worst scenarios imaginable, including (but not limited to) protecting against a ravenous zombie hoard unleashed at the apocalypse.  Don't believe us? Take a look.

(Talk about a Disney castle, this moat better have live alligators in it)

(Zombies can't dig, can they?)

(This tower should do the trick. Just have to barricade the front door)

(I bet HBO comes in really clear)

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