Surviving NYC Heat Waves

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Gotham, AKA New York City, is notoriously roasting during the summer months. July and August tend to be the worst with temperatures ranging from the upper 70s to the upper 90s. And thatís not even taking into account how hot the subways get. When the heat waves hit, hereís what you can do to avoid melting into the sidewalk.

  1. Kick off your shoes. The Barefoot Ball might not sound appealing but when the sun starts beating down on you, youíll realize how badly you want to take your shoes off. Dance on the lawn in Bryant Park with your pals and hundreds of strangers in their bare feet. We hope you donít have a thing against other peopleís feet. The Ball takes place on July 26th from 7PM-11PM.

  2. Sip from the clouds. It might seem counterintuitive but this next one requires you to head to Times Square. The famed Knickerbocker Hotel is home to one of the best local-loved bars in the city, St. Cloud Social. Head right to the top to one of three Sky Pods overlooking the madness of Times Square. Sip something seasonal as you watch the tourists grappling with the heat.

  3. Drink the heat away. Thereís nothing more quenching on a hot summer day than an ice cold beer. Treat yourself to a few at the first International Beer & Food Festival in Queens. Munch on international snacks while sipping on international beers. Thereís no better way to escape the heat.

  4. I scream, you scream. When the weather gets to be this hot, itís not worth it to go running for the ice cream truck, no matter how sweaty you feel. Instead of expending the energy, try one of New Yorkís many ice cream shops like the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, Superiority Burger, and Ice and Vice. They donít move and you wonít have to run after them down the street.

  5. Embrace the cold. Take avoiding heat to the extreme by heading to a bar made entirely of ice. Step in to Minus5, don your gloves and coat, and grab a drink. Itís a true escape from the heat. You might even start to get too cold and head for the outdoors!

New York in the summer is an oven. Stay safe and hydrated when out and about, and stay out of the sun as much as possible.

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Chicago Rent Comparison

As of April of this year, the city of Chicagoís average monthly rent was $1,856. While this might seem steep to those of us in areas with typically cheaper rental prices, this is actually a dip from where Chicagoís rent used to be. Over the last 6 months Chicago rent has decreased $102. So, what can you get for the median rent in Chicago?

1. Landmark West Loop - At Landmark West Loop, for $1,750, youíll secure yourself a studio apartment with one bathroom in the 30-story luxury apartment complex. With amenities like a massive sundeck, swimming pool, hot tub, and a living library, you know that youíre paying for what you get.

The spacious rooms with floor-to-ceiling windows give you a spectacular view from the top. Modern kitchens boast top-of-the-line appliances from Bosch as well as quartz countertops.


2. 2850 N. Sheridan - For $1,925, you can snag yourself a 2-bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment just steps from the gorgeous lakefront. While it has recently been restored to its former 1920ís glory, youíll find that all of the modernity and creature comforts are still close at hand.

The newly redesigned fitness center is open to residents as well as the sundeck with views of the Chicago skyline. Enjoy hardwood floors, beautiful kitchen appliances, bike parking, and easy access to public transportation

3. 777 South State - For $1,900 youíll find yourself with 748 square feet in Printerís Row. Just a few blocks from Grant Park, 777 South State is a pet friendly apartment community boasting a gorgeous indoor pool and stunning hardwood floors in each apartment. Once student housing for nearby colleges, South State is now a luxury home calling your name. Bustling South Loop has everything you need all within a few blocks. Convenient and comfortable. screen-shot-2017-06-20-at-12-00-46-pm screen-shot-2017-06-20-at-12-01-05-pm

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Gems of New York City

The Big Apple is a bustling city with a lot going on at all times. No matter the time of day, something is happening on every corner in New York City. Itís one of the most tourist-heavy cities in the world so itís no secret that NYC is a special city. However, there are some things that make it special that arenít necessarily obvious to the average tourist. Weíve rounded up a few of the reasons we think New York City is more than what it seems that you might not have thought of.

Yellow taxi on New York City street Image courtesy of Pixabay

Best Coffee = Everywhere

New Yorkers run on caffeine. Donít talk to any of them until both you and they have had at least their first cup. You wonít find the best cup of coffee just anywhere, youíll find it everywhere. Every neighborhood has their own best coffee shop, sometimes more than one. St. Kilda Coffee in Midtown has strong brews, delicious pastries, and even a book exchange. Chillhouse on the Lower East Side will give you a tasty beverage (Iced beet latte, anyone?) and a massage and manicure at the same time. Where else can you find that? In Little Italy, Cha Cha Matcha is shelling out trendy iced green tea lattes and soft serve. Weird combination? Try it and see! Everywhere you turn, thereís an amazing place to get coffee in NYC.

The High Line

Even though it stopped seeing trains back in 1980, the High Line still sees quite a bit of traffic just of a different sort. The old train tracks were converted into a walkway and garden in the early 2000ís. Now, itís a secret gem for locals and tourists alike. Grab a coffee and just stroll.

Around the World in 60 Seconds

New York City is a literal melting pot for people of all kinds. They bring with them their own unique cultures and lifestyles that blend together to make for one exciting city. Itís possible to travel the entire world without leaving your block. There are even whole neighborhoods that play home to entire countriesí ways of life. Korean food is at your fingertips at Momofukuís Ss?m Bar. Jet off to France at Amelie with a glass of Bordeaux and a plate of escargot. India finds its American home at Pippali where they serve dishes to please both the meat eaters and vegetarians alike.

Free Performances

Sure, youíre not getting into Hamilton anytime soon. (None of us are. Give up now.) However, there are still a ton of other options on the stage that are spectacular too. AND some of them are free. One of the most popular, Shakespeare in the Park, is a yearly occurrence. Catch an opera performance outdoors or a kid-friendly Charlotteís Web. The tourists come for the big names but the best-kept secrets are usually free.

Everyone knows that New York City is an extraordinary place to be but what makes it so amazing are the little things. These hidden gems are the secret sauce that makes it such a desirable place to call home.

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Weird and Wonderful Austin

If you didnít already know, Austin, Texas is a weird place. We mean that in the best way possible. The slogan ďKeep Austin WeirdĒ was adopted by the Austin Independent Business Alliance to promote small business and to fight the surge of big business flooding the city. While there are still a ton of big name businesses that call Austin home today (Apple, HP, Google, etc.), the city at its core is still weird.

Austin, Texas Capitol Building Image courtesy of Pixabay

1.†Museum of the Weird

It doesnít get any weirder than something called the Museum of the Weird. If you have an interest in the supernatural and the strange, you will adore this attraction. Home to ďThe Minnesota IcemanĒ, who may or may not be Bigfoot, the Museum of the Weird has all manner of weird and strangely wonderful exhibits to take in. Donít miss the daily Weird Theatre Show!

2.†Cathedral of Junk

Now, we know what this sounds like but hear us out first. Located in the backyard of a residential home in Austin, a cathedral crafted from well, junk. Vince Hannemann, the crafter of the Cathedral, started the project in 1988 and hasnít stopped since. His neighbors have complained, inviting the cityís engineers to inspect the structure for safety and stability. The verdict: weird, but safe. Only one thing had to be removed from the assembly: a pyramid of TVs. One manís trash is another manís church. Thatís the saying, right?

3. Weird Wednesdays @ Alamo Drafthouse Cinema

Another one with the word ďweirdĒ in the name; weíre on a roll! Wednesdays at the Alamo get a little strange. These evenings are reserved for those movies that are a bit too much for regular theaters or as they like to put it, ďMovies too outrageous for prime time.Ē Think apocalyptic barbarian queens, lesbian vampires, and pimp ghosts. On a regular day, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema plays your typical blockbuster movies and we recommend you stop by for those too.

4. Fa-la-la-Lalaís at Lalaís

It has been Christmas at Lalaís since the 70s and there are no signs of it ending anytime soon. While the dive bar recently received an update (mostly just a good scrub down), the ambiance and the†festive feeling are still there. Stop by at any time to sip yuletide drinks from kitschy mugs and marvel at the ornaments and elves adorning the walls.

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