Places to Move If You Hate Summer

Seattle skyline at night

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The first day of summer is upon us and that means the heat is also upon us. Temperatures are rising across the country and there’s no sign of it stopping! If you melt in the heat rather than flourish, you’re probably considering fleeing to the North Pole until October at the earliest. Instead, opt for some of these US cities where the sun doesn’t beat down quite as brutally. quite as brutally.


No one appreciates summer more than Seattleites. With over 60% of their year covered in clouds, the moment the sun peeks out, they cheer and jump for joy. Most people are aware of Seattle’s reputation as one of the rainiest cities in the country. What you might not realize is that summer’s in Seattle are comfortable and mild. Temperatures don’t tend to reach the heights that they do in other parts of the country. The average high temperature over the summer months is a pleasant 72. The rain even lets up over the duration of the summer with an average of only 35 inches of rainfall throughout June, July, and August.

San Francisco
While most of California is bathed in sunshine and home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches, San Francisco prefers to keep it a bit more mild. Literally. The average high temperature over the summer months hovers around 56°F, making for a very comfortable season. San Francisco isn’t just a great place to live if you despise summer but also a great place to live if you can’t stand winter. The average temperature over the winter months is around 52°F. You can wear the same clothes practically all year!

This might seem obvious but Alaska’s summers are some of the most temperate in the country. With an average temperature over June, July, and August of 63°F, the summers in Anchorage are cooler than elsewhere in the country. You won’t be sweating bullets just walking from your vehicle into your apartment. Although be prepared for a small adjustment to your sleep schedule: Anchorage gets an average of 20.7 daylight hours per day over the summer months. We recommend investing in some blackout curtains so, you won’t miss out on any shut-eye.


Summer is certainly not for everyone. If that’s the case for you, consider packing up and moving to a city with a milder season. Sure, it gets warmer but not enough to make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Check out apartments in these cooler cities on Rent Jungle today.

A Beer Lover’s Guide to Seattle


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We’ve come across some very strange holidays in our travels, many of which seem to have no real purpose or reason to them. For example, National Tooth Fairy Day (February 28), Take Your Plants for a Walk Day (July 27), or Bathtub Day (December 5). We’re not sure what you would want to celebrate any of those holidays but we did find one holiday that we’re positive you’ll be interested in participating in: Drink a Beer Day. Luckily for all of us, that holiday is today!


Even if we’re not counting beer, Seattle should be named as one of the best beverage cities in the world. Not only do they have spectacular beer but they have coffee (Starbucks, anyone?), alcohol (the city is inundated with distilleries), and wine.


With over 300 breweries in Washington state and over 40 of those being in Seattle, you know that the Emerald City knows what they’re doing when it comes to beer.


Populuxe Brewing, 826B NW 49th Street

With a constantly rotating cast of brews, you never know which ones you’ll see on the menu upon arrival at Populuxe. The word ‘populuxe’ itself is a combination of the words ‘popular’ and ‘deluxe’ which are the two perfect words to describe Populuxe beer. From smooth to hoppy to spicy, there’s a beer at Populuxe for every kind of beer drinker. An American Blonde for those with lighter sensibilities or a Cinderblock CDA for those with an IPA preference, no matter what you choose, you can’t go wrong.


Elysian Brewing, 1221 E Pike St

With their Immortal IPA listed as one of “The 15 Washington Beers You Need to Drink Before You Die”, Elysian Brewing is serving up Seattle beer realness all across the state. Elysian has brewed over 350 beer recipes since their founding in 1996 so you know that they know what they’re doing when it comes to brews. On top of their ever rotating selection of seasonal beers they’re also hosting the Great Pumpkin Beer Festival coming up in October.


Pike Brewing, 1415 1st Ave

Before craft beer was cool, Pike Brewing was already perfecting the process of brewing it. Their emphasis on local and sustainable sources for their ingredients leads to a quality that you just can’t find elsewhere. In addition to their year-round staples, they also have their seasonal beers which on a crisp fall evening truly hit the spot. (You can never go wrong in autumn with a pumpkin beer) The original hipsters of craft beer, Pike Brewing also offer brewery tours so you can get a behind the scenes look at how your favorite beers come to life.


There are plenty of cities that are known for their brews but Seattle just might be number one. Today, in honor of Drink a Beer Day, we recommend celebrating in the most appropriate way: with an ice cold beer.


Looking for a home in one of the beer capitals of the world? Rent Jungle can help you find an apartment within walking distance to your favorite bar or brewery in Seattle.

Making the Most of a Small Apartment

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Whether you’re limited by budget or you’re living somewhere where wide open spaces aren’t really an option (We’re looking at you NYC), it’s difficult to manage in small apartments. It can feel like living in a shoebox! Where do you keep all of your belongings? How do you exercise in such a small place? There are a lot of struggles to face! We’re here to help you overcome them.

Even though it’s just a trick of smoke and mirrors (literally), having a mirror in your apartment can give the illusion of more space than you actually have.

Also, dark walls tend to make a room look bigger than it actually is. Since, landlords don’t usually look kindly upon paint in their rentals, try some dark contact paper. It goes up easily and comes off without marking up the walls. Combined with a big mirror and you can trick yourself into thinking you’re living in a huge penthouse apartment.

Create some height! Adding bed risers to your bed makes tons of room for storage. Once your bed is lifted up, you’ll find that it’s much easier to store things under. It clears up a lot of closet and floor space when you can slide everything right under your bed.

You’re going to start relying on more multipurpose items than ever before. The MVP of multipurpose is the futon. If you live in a loft apartment that has room for either a bed or a couch, a futon is your new best friend. These other transformative pieces will keep function high and clutter low.

Sure, you might want that nice, new thing for your apartment but do you need that nice, new thing for your apartment? More importantly, will that nice, new thing fit inside your apartment? IF the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t buy it. It’s best to keep your purchasing to a minimum if you’re at a loss for space in your apartment.

Living in small apartments is probably great for your wallet but not so great for your sanity. If you need help cramming yourself and all of your stuff into a mini apartment, we’ve got you covered.

What are your favorite multitasking home decor items? Share them with us on Facebook and Twitter. Use Rent Jungle to find the perfect apartment to suit your needs.

5 Ways to Keep Cool During a Heat Wave

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Most of the country has been experiencing a pretty intense summer heat wave over the last couple of weeks. Even if you’re partial to the heat and don’t mind to sweat a little, it can be stifling. If your city is being affected by the heat you’re probably looking for some quick and easy ways to cool down without forking out hundreds of dollars blasting the AC. Let us help.

1. Close Your Blinds
It might seem simple but just by closing your blinds and curtains you could be cutting out a majority of the heat that seeps into your home. Getting thick curtains will help keep the light out but more importantly the heat.

2. Try Some New Sheets
If you have trouble sleeping at night in the stifling heat, you might want to invest in some breathable sheets. Sheets and pillowcases that allow for air movement will help you get a better night’s sleep. One of the best options for keeping cool at night is good old cotton sheets. They even absorb sweat so if you can’t avoid the heat, you don’t have to worry about lying in a puddle the entire night.

3. Crack A Window
Temperatures tend to drop drastically at night so if you’re still having trouble getting comfortable in bed consider opening a window to allow the cooler breezes to circulate through your apartment. You’ll feel a lot better once you feel a little air movement.

4. Make Sure Your Fan Is On The Right Setting
Most ceiling fans have two settings: clockwise and counterclockwise. When you turn your ceiling fan on, if you immediately feel a breeze it’s probably on the counterclockwise setting. That’s the setting you want it to be on to get the cool air moving throughout the room.

5. Focus On Yourself First Instead of focusing on the temperature of your apartment, focus on your body temperature. Wet a washcloth with cold water and place it on the back of your neck to cool your body temperature off. You’ll feel better immediately!

If all else fails, maybe you need to move north! Maybe Juneau, Alaska? Check Rent Jungle for the latest listings in your northern city of choice.

When a heat wave hits, sometimes it’s hard to be motivated to do anything. However, these tips should help keep you cool and allow you to get your to-do list checked off! Share your best summer cool down tips with us on Facebook!

The Mile-High City: Your Future Hometown?

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Denver, Colorado sits exactly one mile above sea level. Don’t let a fear of heights scare you away from Denver, though. All it means is that our air is a little thinner and a little dryer. Plus, due to less water vapor in the air, the Denver sky truly is bluer than anywhere else. Denver is one of the most beautiful places in the country. So beautiful in fact, that Katherine Lee Bates was inspired to write the phrase “America the Beautiful” while gazing upon a Rocky Mountain Peak (Pike’s Peak).

Why would you want to move to Denver, Colorado? The real question is why wouldn’t you?

A Sports Fanatic’s Dream Come True
Denver has every major sports team plus a few extras. The Mile-High City is home to the Broncos, the Avalanche, the Nuggets, and the Rockies. All of these make for some really intense sports fans. We don’t just put our love into one team, they spread it to all of their teams! But if you’re not the average sports fan, Denver is also home to two, yes two, lacrosse teams. Denver sports pride runs strong through this city.

A Music Lover’s Paradise
Denver is home to one of the coolest and most exciting concert venues anywhere: Red Rocks. Since 1941, Red Rocks Amphitheatre has played host to so many amazing acts and festivals. The amphitheatre formed naturally and cannot be replicated anywhere else in the world making it a truly unique venue. So many awesome acts come through that you’ll want to see a different show every single weekend. Acts ranging from twenty one pilots to Duran Duran to Tim McGraw have played Red Rocks. A show at Red Rocks is not an experience you can get anywhere else.

If you’re going to have a drink anywhere, it should be Denver. Alcohol is said to be absorbed into the body at a faster rate meaning you get drunker faster. Beer connoisseurs from all over flock to Denver to take in the brews from the numerous craft beer breweries headquartered in the city. Breckenridge Brewery, Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver Beer Co. and Renegade Brewing Co. call Denver their home and if you choose to also do so, you can enjoy these tasty brews anytime you please.

Denver is a city unlike any other. The Mile-High City offers something for every kind of person. It’s a unique city that takes your breath away (almost literally) and it’s a great place to call home. It’s a jungle out there but we can help you navigate it. Check Rent Jungle to find the latest listings in Denver, CO and every other city in the country.
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