Clean It Before You Move In

 After locating and being approved for your new apartment, you may think the hard part is over - but the truth is, there's still work to be done! Though you may think that your new apartment is clean and rent-ready this isn't always the case. More often than not, when you get to your new place and start to get settled you'll notice that the previous renters weren't as thorough with their post-renting cleaning as you had initially thought.After your old apartment is packed and you're ready to move-in, it may make your move in process a little easier if you take a little time to clean your new place before you start carrying in boxes and arranging furniture. Keep in mind a few of the following quick cleaning to tips to make sure your apartment is clean and ready for you in no time at all.
 Clean the fridge: If the apartment you're renting comes with a refrigerator, take the time to really clean all the surfaces on the inside of the appliance. After all, this is where you're going to be keeping your food!
 Kitchen Counters: Same rule applies here. Give the kitchen counters a quick once over to make sure there is no dust or residue from any previous moving activities.
 Kitchen Floors: On their last day in the unit, the previous renters probably weren't too worried about making sure the floors in the kitchen were as clean as they would normally keep them. Give the floors a quick scrub and then let it dry before you start carrying heavy boxes into the kitchen.
 Scrub Your Appliances: Just like with your fridge, it's important to take the time to deep clean all appliances that were in your kitchen before you start using them. And it will be MUCH easier to clean them before you've begun unpacking your flatware. Pay special attention to the stove and oven, being careful to soak and scrub all removable portions.
 Walls: Cleaning the walls extends beyond the kitchen of your new place. Take the time to remove all dust and cobwebs especially around the corners and around any vents. After all the dust has been removed, use a sponge and warm soapy water to gently wash the walls to remove any lingering dirt.
 Clean The Carpets: When moving into a unit that has carpet, it is generally a good idea to hire a professional to come into the unit and steam clean before you move in. If the previous owners had pets, it may be a good idea to protect your family and pets from fleas if at all possible.
 Taking a few extra moments to make sure your new rental is really clean before you move in will help you feel comfortable in your new place. Focus on the few areas listed above to tackle the biggest problem areas before you begin carrying your belongings in.
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