Dealing With Bad Roommates

Having one or more roommates can be an amazing way to cut the cost of rent, divide chores, and keep a lively apartment. But sometimes, despite your best efforts of choosing roommate, you can run into some trouble. You might have a loud roommate, a dirty roommate, even a smelly one; just remember that most problems have solutions, and it is up to you to appropriately go about solving the issue.

Step 1- Talk to the roommate. Most frustration lies in unmet expectation, so explain what you expect out of your roommate. He or she may not even be aware of what issues annoy you, so start here before moving on. You might even find out that you have some habits others might find strange or annoying...

Step 2- If the problem persists, ask your roommate to agree on some groundrules for the house. This can mean making a list of what and when areas of the house will be clean, writing down hours where everyone should be quiet, and any other written ways to address some of the problems. The next time one of you slips up, the other just needs to bring up the list you both agreed on and ask them to please cut it out.

Step 3- If the problem still persists, you may want to consider finding ways around the problems. If your roommate is loud, try earplugs. If messy, try keeping seperate quarters. Finding ways around unwanted habits of roommates is not always the best solution, but if all else fails you can try to live with them.

Step 4- Put your foot down. If the problem is really that bad for you and you have brought the issue up multiple times, you may want to consider moving out, or having yoru roommate relocate. This is a little more drastic, but it may keep you from losing a friend. Some people are not condusive to happy cohabitation, and that's okay. Leave while you are still sane, and before you do something you might regret.


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