Furnish an Apartment for $500

Are you looking for your first apartment, or do you need to stay on budget? You can furnish an apartment for $500 or less! We have gathered some great tips that will help you get quality furniture without breaking the bank. In the blog below, you will find tips on how to acquire the essentials for your apartment. You can learn more at myfirstapartment.com.

The $500 Apartment

We've selected 10 items we think you shouldn't live without, as well as how much we'd estimate you spend on them – minimally. Let us know what you think – and if there any must have items we missed!

1) Bed/Couch – $200

The first item on the list has to be a bed. Without a bed, you're just going to feel like you're couchsurfing and won't feel settled. But, yikes, a bed is probably the most expensive item in any first apartment. What can you do to avoid spending your entire budget?

First, do some futon research. My cousin actually preferred sleeping on his futon even though he had the cash to get a bed. They can be truly great, especially for those living in studios – as they will, of course, double as a couch. Try to find one from a friend or check Craigslist – but beware bed bugs. Plenty of people need to sell furniture and are bed bug free – but just FYI.

You should also be able to find beds on craigslist for $150 or less if you feel adventurous . .but then you'll need to spend money for a couch separately.

2) Dining Table, chairs – $100

Try finding larger items either at Goodwill or the Salvation Army. You can find a total gem for very little $. The trick here, though is time – as it will likely take longer as every item is unique.

You can also check out the organization FreeCycle – which is all about free-recycling. My old roommate gave away her TV and her desk through this network, and said she'd also had successful finding dining room chairs., so def give it a go: http://www.freecycle.org/

3) Dresser/Hangers for Closet $50

Depending on the apartment you find, you may not need a dresser as you have enough closet space. But, if you do, dressers go for pretty cheap on Craigslist – and can also be found easily in resale shops. I got mine 4 years ago for $50 – an Ikea model already put together by a guy who was moving to Iowa. His loss – totally my gain.

As for hangers – see if your local dry cleaner would have any extra to spare. Or, see if you can bring some from home.

3) Silverware/Dishes $0-50

See if your family has any older dishes that they have stored in the basement. I was surprised that my parents had two sets from my childhood that they never got rid of. . . that I quickly claimed.

If you aren't so lucky – Ikea has some pretty reasonably priced cutlery that doesn't look worse for the wear after use.

4) Bedding $0

Additional items to see if you can borrow from your parents. While it'd be great to get a new comforter, that's an item that can wait for the holiday gift list.

Especially if you're coming from college, you should already have bedding that you can re-purpose. If not, try a site like overstock.com that often has bedding sales.

5) Shower Curtain $20

Water on the bathroom floor is slippery and not ideal. Spend the twenty bucks.

6) Trash cans $20

Find the cheapest ones you can for the moment. You can always upgrade later.

7) Laundry hamper $0

Again, just bring whatever one you stuck in the closet after the last time you lived in a dorm. Or, spring for a small basket that can serve as a laundry hamper for the moment.

8) Towels: $0

Another item you should already have access to. If not, go to Target and get some cheap towels.

9) Pots/Pans $40

If you must – you can get buy on one cheap frying pan and one cheap pot to boil water. You'll replace when you can.

10) ETC Items $20-70

When you're at IKEA getting dishes, see what else you'd want to spruce up your apt, mixing fun with necessity. They have all sorts of little fun items like $2 candles and $5 mirrors. Also, see if they have extension cords – which are always needed. Also, try to find a cheap lamp, as light's always important. Another item to consider are bedroom curtains, to keep out that always pesky morning light.

Hope you found the bare bones list above helpful. You'll note that we didn't include a TV (as streaming computer content can suffice) or some typical items like coffee tables/nightstands. If you can spring for these items, by all means – you will enjoy them.

Also, we *did* assume that you would have a few items to start out with, which hopefully isn't an unfair assumption. If that's not true, try adding items for resale shops, stoop sales, and friends who may have extras! Using Facebook, for instance, would be super easy to ask friends to contribute their slightly used furniture items to your new pad. Someone else's castoffs could totally be your treasure!


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