Get to Know Your City - New York City

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The Big Apple seems like a place you could only move to if you were a scrappy young girl in a black and white movie getting ready to start her new life in the city, a cast member of Friends or Taylor Swift. Since we have a pretty good hunch that you are none of those things, you should know: you can move to New York too!

NYC is for everyone but she's also for no one. New York is an unforgiving city filled with millions of people that you'll never meet and probably never even walk past on the sidewalk. But your arrival to New York City delivers a feeling that you just can't capture in any other city.

Before you decide to make the big move to the Big Apple, there are a few things that you should know. Please allow New York City resident, Taylor Swift serenade you as you peruse this article to set the mood for your arrival.

1. Not All New Yorkers Are Rude

New York City is a fast-paced city where everyone has a high-pressure job and little time to spend dilly-dallying. While this is certainly true in just about every city but it's even truer in NYC. There are unwritten codes of context for New Yorkers, ground out through years and years of living there. You might not notice it but your town/city has a code too. It just takes some time to adapt to the New York-way.

2. Navigating Is Easier Than It Seems

The seemingly endless grid of streets crisscrossing back and forth can feel impossible to traverse. "The grid binds the island just as New Yorkers are bound by a shared identity," says this (probably biased) New York Times article. Let us put it simply. Avenues run north and south. Streets run east and west. Even-numbered streets run east, odd-numbered streets run west. Once you get that drilled into your brain, you'll be able to find your way around without looking like one of those annoying tourists stopped in the middle of a sidewalk.

3. There Are 5 City Boroughs

New York City might just seem like one big sprawling mass of buildings but there is some order to it. (See the grid system) The boroughs of New York are the Bronx (home to the Yankees, the Bronx Botanical Garden, and the birthplace of hip-hop), Staten Island (home to beautiful beaches and the city's largest forest preserve), Brooklyn (home to a burgeoning restaurant scene, the Barclays Center, and birthplace of Jay Z), Queens (eat food from around the world before visiting Citi Field for a game), and the most famous, Manhattan (no explanation needed). Figuring out which one is perfect for you all depends on your tastes and preferences. Do you like a short commute and don't mind crowds? Try Manhattan. Do you hate noise and don't mind a longer ride to work? Try Staten Island.

4. Things Are More Expensive

Yeah, there's a bit of a trade-off when it comes to living in one of the coolest and most exciting cities in the world. It's no secret that apartments can get pretty pricey in the Big Apple but so can everything else. Want to drive to work? The average parking pass will set you back $533 a month. Is the subway more your speed? A monthly pass costs $121. Lunch will cost you about $15. If you're prepared for the inflated cost of living, then you can probably handle NYC.

Some of the things you've heard about NYC are true but certain other rumors, you should probably just fuhgeddaboudit. For more New York City and the latest rental listings, head to Rent Jungle. Make sure you scroll to the bottom of the listings to see some highlights about the Big Apple and some tips about the best neighborhoods.

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