Bedroom to BathroomIt's a common apartment scenario for the only bathroom in the space to be on the other side of the bedroom, meaning anyone who needs to use it has to go through your room to get there. So how do you get over the worry that people will take a look at your possessions while on their way? Does this mean you always have to keep your room clean? Apartment Therapy has some tips to help you:


Make it obvious. If you have multiple doors leading off of your bedroom, say to a closet as well, make it obvious which one goes to the bathroom. Hang a tongue-in-cheek sign, paint it a different colour ("Bathroom? In there then through the purple door!") or even—and easily—just leave it open when not in use. This will cut down on the time people spend in your bedroom, looking around.

Clear the way. Try to keep a wide, clear path from door to door, with few obstructions in the way. Ideally the bed can be positioned on the other side of this path, but this isn't always possible; settle for a mainly furniture-free path.

Keep it neat. Sort of goes without saying, but if you don't want people looking at all your stuff, keep it under wraps. This might simply mean having a quick bedroom tidy before company comes over, or it might require adding storage options to corral your clothes and possessions out of sight. And the most important bit? You guessed it— make the bed!

Consider screening. If your bedroom is large enough and you really don't want guests eyeing your thread count, explore some options for adding privacy. A good old Expedit bookcase can work, as does a folding screen or a curtain. A canopy bed can even self-screen, so think creatively.


Have you ever lived in apartment with a layout like this? What other tips do you have?


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