New York's rental market is one of the most expensive in the country, but to the New York elite, extreme rents are just a fact of life. Where are these one percenters living? Take a look at our list of the five most expensive neighborhoods in NYC for a taste of their lifestyle.


Tribeca has been the most expensive neighborhood in New York for years now. Tribeca, which stands for the Triangle Below Canal Street, was originally an industrial shipping area due to its convenient location along the Hudson River.

Tribeca's blue-collar history is long past however. In the 1970s, artists took over the neighborhood, turning old warehouses into live/work studio spaces and transforming Tribeca into the cool kid hangout it is today. These days the cobblestone streets and industrial buildings are more aesthetic than functional. The neighborhood is known for its charming historical buildings, as well as the prestigious Tribeca film festival.

The artists that made Tribeca what it is can't afford to live there anymore. Rent in Tribeca is astronomical. The cheapest listing we found in Tribeca is $1995 per month for a studio, but most studios cost upwards of $3000 per month. Two bedrooms in this ritzy neighborhood rent for somewhere between $5000 and $6000 per month.

Battery Park

Residents claim that Battery Park offers the coziness of the suburbs with all of the perks of being in the center of one of the biggest cities in the world. With easy access to the Financial District, Battery Park City is a convenient place for affluent Wall Street bankers to call home.

Built on a former landfill, Battery Park is a planned community designed to have a small town feel. Residents tout its neighborly charm and family friendly design. Surrounded by the Hudson River on three sides, Battery Park has 32 acres of planned green space. Though it is conveniently located in lower Manhattan, its riverfront location makes Battery Park feel a little bit more secluded than other New York neighborhoods. The stunning views of the new World Trade Center aren't shabby either.

Families are flocking to Battery Park for its water views and Little League ballparks, and they are willing to pay big money for it. Rent for a three bedroom can run you anywhere from $5000 to $8000 per month, with rent at some luxury buildings costing over $14,000 per month.

The Upper East Side

The Upper East Side has been an enclave for New York's bluebloods for generations. Home to the Blair Waldorf and Serena Van der Woodsens of the world, the Upper East Side has long been populated by old money New Yorkers. Though outpriced by trendy Lower Manhattan neighborhoods, an apartment on the Upper East Side will cost you a pretty penny. The exorbitant costs may be worth it though in order to have easy access to the city, the Met just walking distance away, and Central Park as your backyard.

Whether it is old money or new, living on the Upper East Side requires lots of it. Cheaper two bedrooms can be found for between $2500 and $4000 per month, though similarly sized apartments in luxury buildings cost upwards of $7000 per month.

Upper West Side

Though the Upper West Side is known to be less debutante ball, and more bookish Columbia professor than its eastside counterpart, make no mistake, no one can make it on the Upper West Side with an academic's budget. With both Central Park and Riverside Park within walking distance, the pre-war apartments that make up the Upper West Side's real estate market are a hot commodity.

Upper West Side residents stay for the neighborhood's personality. The historic brownstones and mom and pop shops give the Upper West side a heavy dose of charm. Locals vouch for the tight knit neighborhood community.

One of the priciest neighborhoods in the city, a two bedroom in the Upper West Side costs anywhere between $4500 and $8000 per month. One bedrooms can go for anything between $2500 and $5000. Though there are some rent-stabilized apartments, for the most part the Upper West Side is out of reach for anyone who doesn't have deep pockets.

Lower East Side

The Lower East Side is one of the hottest neighborhoods in New York. Lower East Siders are drawn to the neighborhood for its gritty charm and cultural history.

In the 19th and early 20th century LES was home to a diverse group of immigrants living in inexpensive tenement buildings. The racial and cultural diversity of the area helped create the thriving neighborhood community and vibrant street culture the Lower East Side is known for. Today, century old brick tenement buildings are splashed with colorful street art, and nightlife thrives with a plethora of cool restaurants and bars. LES has also become a hub for high-end art. As of 2016, the LES hosted more than 122 art galleries.

Despite the grimy, urban aesthetic, the Lower East Side is long removed from its gritty past. Today it is one of the most expensive areas of New York to live. One bedrooms in the LES start around $2500 a month, and it is nearly impossible to find a two bedroom apartment for less than $3000 monthly.

From the Upper West Side to the Lower East Side, wealthy elites are spreading out in affluent neighborhoods across Manhattan. Want to peek at the hottest real estate in the city? Browse our New York City listings and see for yourself.

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