How to Choose the Right Moving Company

Even if you've found the perfect apartment or rental house, you may not be done with one of the most difficult parts of moving: actually moving your stuff. Although you can generally find a friend or two with a pickup truck, sometimes you really have items that should be better handled by professionals, or at lease items that can only fit in actual moving trucks. If you have health issues that may hinder you ability to lift heavy objects, we also reccommend hiring a company to do it for you.

But how exctly do you find the best deal? The first thing to do is to make sure the moving company you Googled isn't a scam. We recommend using to see if the company is reputable. If not, skip it, but if it looks okay, continue on.

Next you're going to want to look around online for reviews. Sometimes you will get lucky and find reviews from different places online, but we recommend using the Better Business Bureau. There you will be able to see how any problems were handled so you know what to expect.

If a moving company looks to good to be true, it probably is. Don't give any cash upfront and don't trust any deals you get before they give you an estimate. Also take a look at their insuriance. If they have no insuruance on their site, skip the company and move on.

Price can vary depending on what and how much you are moving. If the company doesn't strike you as one who will safely move your items, don't bother with them. Big name moving companies tend to be more reliable, but you will have to pay for the name. Try looking around locally to find reliable companies with decent estimates.

Above all else, just make sure the company is legitimate. When the truck arrives, check to see if it is a company truck, not a rental. Always check their insurance coverage as well, and always mark items that are fragile.

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