Renting from someone can be challenging. It really is important to try to start your relationship as landlord/tenant off on the right foot. This is important for a few reasons. If you have a good relationship with your landlord they will be more inclined to help you with late payments, break the lease early, get repairs faster,etc.The best way to maintain a decent relationship with someone you're renting from is through communication.

Something as simple as asking nicely to get something repaired is always a good idea. Don't bother your landlord with the smallest repairs that you yourself can do. I had a neighbor who would call the landlord every time her light bulbs needed to be changed. She felt it was his house, so his responsibility. This is over the top and a quick way to make someone not like you. Know the expectations of both you and the landlord.

Be aware that you not paying rent on time or in full can cause some financial stress for your landlord. Most of them are still paying mortgages on the properties and count on that money every month. So, if you're short on cash talk to your landlord about it, don't just not pay. Your honesty and communication about your situation may make your landlord more inclined to cut you some slack especially if you've already built a rapport with them.

Try to sympathize with your landlords feelings. Try see both sides of the situation. Remember, they may have had a bad experience in the past dealing with tenants and may be distrustful. This could be your chance to give them the faith again. Also, keep in mind that your actions may affect future tenants as well.

Following these tips will help with your landlord/tenant relationship. But, sometimes no matter what you do, you can't make someone a good landlord. In cases like that, sometimes it's just better not to renew your lease and find somewhere else to live. Good luck!


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