Is It Time To Move?

Sometimes life gives you direct instructions to move (job transfer, college is out, etc.), but sometimes the clues are not so transparent. If you're not careful, you might find yourself in a situation you don't care for, or even one that is detrimental to your ability to follow your dreams. Here are a few tell-tale signs that it might be a good time to start the apartment hunt:

1. Your landlord bumps up rent
If you've been in the same apartment for over a year, your landlord might decide to "bump" up the rent a bit for your next lease. Sometimes this bump is insignificant, sometimes it is unreasonable. If this is a trend for your apartment complex, it might be time to find something more affordable before your rent eclipses your income.

2. Construction
If you start to notice construction happening down the street, across the street, behind the building, or otherwise outside your window, you may want to consider moving out before the noise drives you crazy. A years worth of 6 a.m. wake up drilling, including weekends, and never being able to find a parking spot can be enough to make anyone want to move.

3. Your roommates have taken over
Do you ever find yourself in that awkward situation where you are standing in your living room and briefly forget whose house you are in? Does all the furniture, food, and mess belong to your roommate(s)? Do you hate having to do the dishes before you cook your own meal? It might be time to get out of there.

4. Your landlord just hasn't had the time to fix the stove, the dishwasher, the heat...
Look, if your landlord hasn't fixed anything in the first year, s/he won't do it the second year. Get out and find an apartment that promises better services.

5. Your neighborhood isn't working for you anymore
There is no shame in relocating simply because your neighborhood doesn't suite you anymore. Maybe you have been to every shop, restaurant, and curio stand in the district and want something new; maybe you've outgrown the college neighborhood; maybe the neighborhood has been slipping into detritus over the years. A move might just be the right thing to energize you and help you find more exciting places to visit.

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