Life on the Last Frontier

Are you lured by the call of the wild? Are you fascinated by manifest destiny? Maybe you should move to Alaska. This northern state is as beautiful as it is isolated.


What's the Appeal of the Great Big North?

No matter where you are in Alaska, the scenery is jaw droppingly beautiful. Even the most mundane of highways, or the most benign gas station, seems to be set against a staggering mountain backdrop.

For generations, people have been drawn to Alaska for its natural splendor and outdoor recreation. If you are a hunter, fisherman, or backpacker, you will love everything Alaska has to offer. Alaska is home to eight national parks, including the four biggest parks in the entire country. Wrangell- St. Elias National Park spans over 8 million acres.

In terms of industry, oil and fishing reign supreme. There is good money to be made up north if you are willing to spend long hours at sea, or weeks out on the oil rigs. The median family income for the state of Alaska is $73,335 per year, nearly $20,000 more than the national median, which is $55,775 per year. If you aren't cut out for life on a fishing boat, there are plenty of other local jobs in healthcare, tourism, and the service sector.

Another perk of living in the Last Frontier? The Alaska Dividend. Anyone living in Alaska for over a year is eligible to receive a dividend of the oil royalties accrued by the state. The specific amount varies year to year, but generally ends up being around $2000.

Alaska is the biggest state in the country, but has a population only slightly larger than the city of Seattle. If you are looking for solitude, it is easy to come by in Alaska. However, if you are looking for a community to make a home in, there are plenty of small Alaskan cities and towns to pick from.


The biggest urban area in Alaska, Anchorage, is pretty small as cities go, but it does have access to all of the amenities of an urban area. Alaska's remote location can make shopping difficult, so if having a big box store nearby is important to you, Anchorage may be your best bet. In addition, Anchorage is home to the biggest airport in the state, making it easy to escape the frigid Alaskan winters. Flights from Alaska to Hawaii are surprisingly cheap, and many Alaskan families spend the cold dark winter months in Hawaii each year.


While much more affordable than major metro areas in the lower 48, the cost of living in Alaska is relatively high when compared to similarly rural parts of the country. Alaska's remote location and small population means that almost everything, from food to building materials, is imported north, resulting in inflated costs across the board.

The average rent for an apartment in Anchorage is $1047 per month. One bedroom apartments rent for $986 per month on average and two-bedroom apartments rent for $1102 on average.


Homer is a tiny town at the end of the Kenai Peninsula. With both mountain and water views, it is understandable why so many Alaskans will tell you that Homer is their favorite city. In the summertime, the hillsides are covered in fireweed, a magenta wildflower native to Alaska. The small town is known for its hippie culture. Two Sisters Bakery is a beloved institution in the town, and the Salty Dawg Pub, with its walls papered in dollar bills, is a local landmark.

The average cost for an apartment in Homer, Alaska is $931 per month. One-bedroom apartments in Homer rent for $906 per month on average and two-bedroom apartments go for $980 per month on average.



The state capitol of Alaska, Juneau is a small city on the Alaskan panhandle. The panhandle has a completely different climate than the rest of Alaska. Located on the southern tip of Alaska, running alongside British Columbia, Juneau's weather is more similar to the Pacific Northwest than it is to Anchorage.

With a population of only 32,756, Juneau is hardly a city. Though its location makes it difficult to access, Juneau is an absolutely stunning place to live. Surrounded by mountains, pine trees, and water, Juneau is a peaceful retreat from the rest of the world. If you need to stretch your legs a little bit, the ferry system makes exploring the nearby islands and bays easy.

Juneau's remote location makes it a pricy place to live. The average rent for an apartment in Juneau is $1209 per month. One-bedroom apartments in Juneau rent for $1262 per month on average and two bedroom apartments cost $1213 on average.


If you can muster through the long cold winters, Alaska can be an incredible place to live. Check out our rental listings in Alaska to see if you have what it takes to live in the Last Frontier.


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