Living Large In Your Apartment This Summer

 apartment livingSummer is just around the corner, and with it comes sweltering heat and humid days. As temperatures rise, you'll be looking for ways to cool off during the hottest part of the day - and what better place to do so than your brand new apartment? The following tips from Apartment Guide will help you turn your abode into the perfect haven to 'beat the heat' this summer with just a few small changes. Keep reading to learn more.

Avoid boredom on the balcony Summer is the perfect season to make your apartment balcony, porch or patio your go-to hangout. Many of the pastimes you enjoy indoors can be carried out into your outdoor space. Even with a small patio, you can arrange your furniture so everything you need is close at hand. If you have the latitude, set up a hammock for relaxation on the horizontal. And keep an open mind about your options: If your wi-fi connection doesn't quite reach the balcony, put down the tablet and apply your green thumb to container gardening!

Enjoy the scents of summer One of the fastest ways to summer up your apartment is to incorporate a little aromatherapy into your daily routine. Give your bath a tropical twist by switching to coconut or sea-mist-scented bath gels, lotions and soaps. Candles are another scent-sational way to up the happiness factor of your home.

Serve it up, island-style Stocking your healthy kitchen with summertime foods is a smart way to lighten your mood and your diet. Look for island-inspired recipes from Jamaica, Cuba, Hawaii and other tropical locales. At the very least, try some new fish dishes and eat more fruit. You can also go local and shop the farmer's market for fresh tomatoes, peppers, corn and berries to make amazing summer salads. To get the full effect, serve up your summer beverages in kitschy tiki glasses!

Lighten your linens Being happy at home this summer also means sleeping late and enjoying lazy afternoon naps. To make the most of the season, change out your bed linens to lighter fabrics. Choose all-cotton sheets and coverlets. Lay out summer-inspired floral patterns or surf-themed bed sets. Now's also a good time to swap heavy winter drapes for gauzy summer curtains. Bright colors will bring a smile to your face as you relax on the couch after a day in the sun.

Surf the TV Speaking of chilling out on the sofa, summertime is the perfect time to stay at home and catch up on your TV watching. Log in to Hulu or Netflix to watch reruns of shows you've missed so you'll be ready for fall premieres. Or you can go the old-fashioned route and catch them on TV when repeats rule the airwaves. You can also surf the TV listings to DVR movies with titles that contain words like surf, beach or summer. Then create your own queue of summer blockbusters!

Plan for pool parties A list of summer tips wouldn't be complete without mentioning not just one pool party, but a summer's worth. Just designate one night of the week to be Pool Party Night. That way you have something to look forward to every week. And you can create a standard menu that makes meals a no-brainer. Grilling burgers, chicken or hot dogs by the pool once a week is an easy way to start a summer tradition and really get to know your neighbors.

Being happy at home in your apartment this summer can be a breeze if you follow a few (or all) of these tips. Enjoy the warm weather, cool air conditioning and the lazy pace of the hot season.
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