Making the Most of a Small Apartment

Image: Pixabay Image: Pixabay

Whether you're limited by budget or you're living somewhere where wide open spaces aren't really an option (We're looking at you NYC), it's difficult to manage in small apartments. It can feel like living in a shoebox! Where do you keep all of your belongings? How do you exercise in such a small place? There are a lot of struggles to face! We're here to help you overcome them.

Even though it's just a trick of smoke and mirrors (literally), having a mirror in your apartment can give the illusion of more space than you actually have.

Also, dark walls tend to make a room look bigger than it actually is. Since, landlords don't usually look kindly upon paint in their rentals, try some dark contact paper. It goes up easily and comes off without marking up the walls. Combined with a big mirror and you can trick yourself into thinking you're living in a huge penthouse apartment.

Create some height! Adding bed risers to your bed makes tons of room for storage. Once your bed is lifted up, you'll find that it's much easier to store things under. It clears up a lot of closet and floor space when you can slide everything right under your bed.

You're going to start relying on more multipurpose items than ever before. The MVP of multipurpose is the futon. If you live in a loft apartment that has room for either a bed or a couch, a futon is your new best friend. These other transformative pieces will keep function high and clutter low.

Sure, you might want that nice, new thing for your apartment but do you need that nice, new thing for your apartment? More importantly, will that nice, new thing fit inside your apartment? IF the answer is no, then you probably shouldn't buy it. It's best to keep your purchasing to a minimum if you're at a loss for space in your apartment.

Living in small apartments is probably great for your wallet but not so great for your sanity. If you need help cramming yourself and all of your stuff into a mini apartment, we've got you covered.

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