Pittsburgh is one of the coolest, affordable cities in the country. With a rich local art scene, numerous professional sports teams, a burgeoning tech sector and a whole lot of steel town grit, Pittsburgh is an awesome city flying under the radar.

As a whole, Pittsburgh is an incredibly cheap place to live. The average rent in Pittsburgh is $1266 per month, with one bedrooms going for $1120 and two bedrooms costing $1445 per month on average.

However if you are really looking for a bargain, focus your housing search on Oakwood, Westwood and Garfield, Pittsburgh's cheapest neighborhoods.



Garfield is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in Pittsburgh, and is also one of the coolest. Sandwiched between East Liberty, Friendship and Bloomfield, Garfield is an up and coming hipster hot spot. Garfield is home to a vibrant art community. Stop by every first Friday for the Garfield Art Walk; Penn Avenue comes to life with pop up galleries and alternative art spaces.

Besides the monthly art pop up, Garfield is also home to a number of established art and cultural spaces. The Pittsburgh Glass Center has regular exhibitions of contemporary glass artists, and also offers a wide array of hot glass classes for anyone looking to try their hand at it. The Center for PostNatural History is a wacky museum that is certainly worth a stop. The center sheds light on the ways humans have modified and hacked nature in the quest for progress. Boom Concepts and Assemble are both awesome artist run spaces in Garfield that work to support artists and build local community.

Garfield Apartment

Besides all the culture happening in Garfield, this up and coming neighborhood also has a ton of great food. Spak Brothers is a Pittsburgh institution, legendary for their pizza, cheese steak sandwiches and wings. Newer spots like Commonplace Voluto and Gluten Free Goat Bakery are bringing some fresh bites to Garfield.

Garfield has undergone massive change in the past few years. Once considered a "sketchy" area of the city, it had been totally revitalized by grass root community efforts in recent years.

What makes Garfield so special is its sense of community. Brick walls are covered in colorful murals, and the Garfield Community Farm up the hill is an awesome local resource. As the neighborhood rapidly develops, Garfield locals are working together to figure out how to revitalize their community without excluding long time residents.

All of Garfield's charms come at a good price. One bedrooms in Garfield average around $1616 per month and two bedrooms go for $1818 per month.

Though rents in Garfield are among the cheapest in the whole city, rents are rapidly rising as the area is transformed into an artist hot spot. In the past year, rents for a two bedroom in Garfield have increased by 40%.


Oakwood is a quiet, residential neighborhood on the eastern side of Pittsburgh. The small neighborhood is mainly composed of old Pittsburgh style houses and is primarily populated by families.

Close to Mount Washington and Green Tree, Oakwood is a 13 minute drive to Downtown Pittsburgh.

The most notable landmark in Oakwood is Oakwood Park. This lovely green space was once home to an elementary school. Though the school was torn down in the 1970's, the original historic school bell remains in the park to this day. Oakwood Park also features an old stone reservoir: a beautiful piece of Pittsburgh history. Today, the park is perfect for runners, dog walkers and families.


Oakwood is also one of the cheapest neighborhoods in the city. One bedrooms go for $1344 per month on average and two bedrooms cost $1655 per month on average. However rents in Oakwood are shooting upwards at almost an unimaginable rate. In the past year the average rental cost for a two-bedroom apartment in Oakwood went up by 67.8%.


Right next door to Oakwood is Westwood, a similarly sleepy, residential neighborhood of Pittsburgh.

The west end neighborhood is a quiet area perfect for families. With its own elementary school, community pool, and sports fields, Westwood has all the amenities a family needs.

The architecture of this cozy neighborhood is an eclectic mix of styles—a true cross section of Pittsburgh's architectural history.


One of the main landmarks in Westwood is the John Frew House. Built in 1790, it is one of the oldest standing buildings west of the Allegheny Mountains.

Rents in Westwood are incredibly affordable. One bedroom apartments rent for $1129 per month, and two bedrooms cost $1390 per month on average.

Though affordable housing is easy to come by across the city, if you are looking for the best bargain, these three neighborhoods are your best bet. Check out our Pittsburgh rental listings today to find your dream place.

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