Places to Move If You Hate Summer

Seattle skyline at night

Image courtesy of Pixabay

The first day of summer is upon us and that means the heat is also upon us. Temperatures are rising across the country and there's no sign of it stopping! If you melt in the heat rather than flourish, you're probably considering fleeing to the North Pole until October at the earliest. Instead, opt for some of these US cities where the sun doesn't beat down quite as brutally. quite as brutally.


No one appreciates summer more than Seattleites. With over 60% of their year covered in clouds, the moment the sun peeks out, they cheer and jump for joy. Most people are aware of Seattle's reputation as one of the rainiest cities in the country. What you might not realize is that summer's in Seattle are comfortable and mild. Temperatures don't tend to reach the heights that they do in other parts of the country. The average high temperature over the summer months is a pleasant 72. The rain even lets up over the duration of the summer with an average of only 35 inches of rainfall throughout June, July, and August.

San Francisco
While most of California is bathed in sunshine and home to some of the world's most stunning beaches, San Francisco prefers to keep it a bit more mild. Literally. The average high temperature over the summer months hovers around 56°F, making for a very comfortable season. San Francisco isn't just a great place to live if you despise summer but also a great place to live if you can't stand winter. The average temperature over the winter months is around 52°F. You can wear the same clothes practically all year!

This might seem obvious but Alaska's summers are some of the most temperate in the country. With an average temperature over June, July, and August of 63°F, the summers in Anchorage are cooler than elsewhere in the country. You won't be sweating bullets just walking from your vehicle into your apartment. Although be prepared for a small adjustment to your sleep schedule: Anchorage gets an average of 20.7 daylight hours per day over the summer months. We recommend investing in some blackout curtains so, you won't miss out on any shut-eye.


Summer is certainly not for everyone. If that's the case for you, consider packing up and moving to a city with a milder season. Sure, it gets warmer but not enough to make you sweaty and uncomfortable. Check out apartments in these cooler cities on Rent Jungle today.

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