Save Money On Heating Costs This Winter!

Saving money on heating costs is an essential for a lot of people. But how exactly do you go about it without freezing in the process? Good Housekeeping has compiled a list of tips to aid you.

Heat Space-by-Space

Spend much of your time in only one room of your home? Using a space heater there, while keeping the overall house temperature lower, can save you significant cash. In fact, keeping the thermostat at 62 degrees and putting a space heater in one room can save about $200 a year.

Quick Fixes for Fast Savings

Windows and doors can be major causes of heat loss — with faulty windows adding 10 to 25 percent to your heating bill. The GHRI recommends that you:

  • Open blinds during the day to let sun in. At dusk, close them to trap heat.
  • Hang drapes to help block drafts from where the window meets the frame.
  • Inspect weather stripping around exterior doors. Old, cracked, or gone? Replace.
  • Improve the seal of interior doors (like the one to the garage) by attaching a sweep. Sold at hardware stores, these flexible plastic strips are easily screwed to door bottoms, and keep cold air out from below.
  • Apply both interior and exterior caulking to fill gaps around window frames. If cold air is coming in around the sashes, install appropriate weather stripping.

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