Spring Clean Your Apartment in 5 Easy Steps

building-1149413_960_720It's that time of year once again...time for spring cleaning. Everyone is starting to feel obligated to finally sort through their junk drawers, organize their closets, and start checking things off their to do lists. With so much to do and so little time to complete it all, we thought we should share some tips on where to get started.

1.) Put together your spring cleaning kit

No spring cleaning is successful without being fully equipped with all of the tools you need for every dirty job. Make sure you grab a cleaning caddy and fill it to the brim with garbage bags, rags, sponges, gloves, dusters, and window cleaners. Not only that, but make sure to have your favorite vacuum ready for the job.

2.) Plan it day-by-day or room by room

You can organize the whole house and then clean it. Or you can do the process room by room. It doesn't matter which way you divide the work as long as you have a method to your madness. Without a plan the task can seem too much to handle and it is easier for you to quit part of the way through.

3.) Head straight for the closet

Most rooms in our apartments have a closet and they all seem to hold the random items we don't want laying around. It is easy to just let things build up behind closed doors but when it comes to finding what you need in a closet, it can be frustrating. With that in mind, come up with a method to see what items are being used in each closet. One of our favorites is the one-in-one-out method. It is a simple and effective way to make sure you aren't creating a build up of items you don't need. Every time you bring in a new item, you take an old item out. The items you find you aren't using on a regular basis need to be thrown out or donated.

4.) Don't get rid of your junk drawer, just give it more purpose

Similar to our closets, everyone has that one drawer that turns into a catch all. No matter how organized we get, we are always going to have this drawer. This spring, let's just create more of a purpose for it. Dividing the drawer up into sections for things such as batteries, business cards, and chargers is a good place to start. For smaller things such as bobby pins and paper clips, a cheap ice tray is a great organizer to use.

5.) These big items are vital yet often overlooked during spring cleaning

It is so easy to get caught up in organizing and forget to actually clean some big items in your house. It's important to clean out air filters, your washing machine, refrigerator coils, and large appliances. Since these items require less frequent maintenance, this time of year is perfect to check them off your list.

Keep these items in mind while tackling your spring cleaning this year for a quick and thorough project. Good luck and happy cleaning!
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