Summer is on its way, and for some of us it has already arrived. Nothing spoils perfect weather like a giant electric bill at the end of the month, so try a few of these easy ways to stay cool and loosen your financial burden.

1. Do you ever notice how some people never replace their old air conditioners? Sometimes you see giant wood colored blocks pumping air into houses all day, while simultaneously wasting power. Getting a new efficient air conditioner can actually save you money in the long run, and if you don't like sweating in your own home, this might not be too bad of an idea.

2. Check your AC's settings to make sure it is only on when you are home. Some people can set their air conditioners to turn on twenty minutes before they get home, but this is not always an option. Think about turning it off when you are not in the room with the AC or not at home. You can also turn it off while you sleep and open a window.

3. Use fans on top of your air conditioner. Fans do use electricity, but much less so that your air conditioner. You might find that if you open the windows and use a fan or two, you can stay cool enough to be comfortable.

4. Go outside! It's a beautiful day, so grab some sunblock, some friends, and enjoy the weather!



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