Although we all love the warmth and sunlight summer brings, we are less enthusiastic about the temperature change in our homes. If you live in a climate where the weather can become hot enough to make you uncomfortable or even harm you, you really should consider grabbing an A.C. unit. Even if you already have an A.C. , it may be time to grab a more efficient, energy saving model to help beat the heat without cutting a hole in your pocket.

The hiss of summer lawns…. It is that time again, and I have a friend who wants an air conditioner and asked my advice. Although they are horrible things, in New York City you tend to need one in order to sleep well at night, and so I try to fit them in as innocuously as possible. Since she has two really nice windows in the room in question, my first bid was for a portable AC that would only require a white hose to run out the bottom of one of the windows. My research discovered that portables tend to be expensive and don't have the same cooling ability as a window unit, and so I have backed away from that solution. I had a DeLonghi Penguino years ago that worked perfectly well in my small apartment, but it did require some work and only cooled one room. I decided, therefore on the window unit, and this is what I found:

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