The 8 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Living

For dog lovers in the city, apartment life can be challenging. But just because you have limited square footage, doesn't mean you can't have a furry companion. Successfully having a dog in a small space depends largely on finding the right breed. Read on for our list of the best dog breeds for apartments, so both you, and your canine companion can be happy.

Best dogs apartment living Greyhound

1. Greyhound

Though Greyhounds are a larger dog breed, their gentle spirit makes them ideal for apartment living. Independent, calm and docile, some people say that Greyhounds have a cat's personality in a dog's body. This leggy, muscular breed does need to stretch its legs. The American Kennel Club recommends giving Greyhounds ample daily exercise. They love to run, so finding an apartment near a dog park might be a priority for Greyhound owners. As long as the breed gets plenty of exercise outside of the house, it tends to be a sweet, mild mannered pet at home.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living French bulldog

2. French Bulldog

One of the most popular breeds in New York City, the adorable French bulldog is a great dog for apartment dwellers. The American Kennel Club describes French bulldogs as smart, playful and adaptable, which is probably the reason for their popularity. Their compact size makes them a good fit for small spaces, and their lazy dispositions means that they are happy to snooze on the couch all day. In terms of exercise, French bulldogs don't need much. A brisk walk around the neighborhood is enough to keep these pups happy. Make sure to take them on a short walk at least once a day to keep them healthy, otherwise your Frenchie will put on weight and lose its trim figure. A bonus: French bulldogs rarely bark, a trait that will be much appreciated by your neighbors.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living  Cavalier-King-Charles-Spaniel

3. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This adorable dog breed is small sized and relatively low energy, making them a great breed for apartment dwellers. Cavaliers develop a close bond with their owners, and are exceedingly affectionate, so a small space isn't a problem for them. They like sticking close to their human companions and are always down to snuggle on the couch.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living Chihuahua

4. Chihuahua

These pint-sized dogs rarely surpass 6 pounds, making them perfect for a pint-sized apartment. To a Chihuahua, a compact one bedroom will feel like an expansive mansion. This breed also needs minimal exercise, making it ideal for an apartment. Chihuahuas have a reputation for being yappy however, so be sure to train yours well, or you may get on your neighbor's bad side.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living Basenji

5. Basenji

Basenjis are known to be an exceptionally quiet breed, which is ideal if you have thin walls and easily irritated neighbors. Fully grown, Basenjis are about 16 inches tall and weigh around 25 lbs. Their diminutive stature makes them well suited for life in a small space. However, this breed of African dog is known to get into trouble when left alone for extended periods of time, so if you work long hours away from home, you may want to invest in doggie daycare.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living Chinese Crested Dog

6. Chinese Crested Dog

This bizarre looking dog breed is actually ideal for apartment living. Chinese crested dogs are a remarkably laid back breed, more than happy to lounge around all day. About a foot tall and ranging from 5 to 12 pounds in weight, Chinese crested dogs are well suited for small spaces. This funny creature is a low energy, low maintenance choice for apartment dwellers.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living Pug

7. Pugs

Pugs have been the internet's favorite dog breed of late, but they have been a popular pet for apartment dwellers for decades. These pudgy pets are both adorable and low energy, and are easily satisfied with a small home. Pugs are playful, loyal and quiet, making for great pets. However, pugs have a great deal of anxiety, and have a hard time being away from their owners. They also are prone to a variety of health problems: their wrinkles must be regularly cleaned to prevent infection and pugs can develop breathing problems as they get older. Despite this, pugs are an adorable breed well suited to apartment life.

Best Dogs for Apartment Living Shih Tzu

8. Shih Tzu

The preferred pet of ancient Chinese royalty, the Shih Tzu was bred to be the ideal lapdog. Known for its dramatic long fur, the Shih Tzu is a tiny, regal dog that usually weighs between 5 and 8 pounds. Affectionate and calm, it could be argued that the Shih Tzu is the perfect apartment dog. Shih Tzus are also an incredibly friendly breed. They get along well with children, strangers and other dogs, making them a good choice for an apartment building.

Apartment dwellers don't fret! There are plenty of dog breeds that thrive in small spaces. Though each breed has its own personality, each dog is an individual. Finding the dog most compatible with your personality and lifestyle is sort of like finding a best friend, you just know it when you find it. Trying to figure out what city is best for you and your pooch? Check out our guide to the most pet friendly cities in America. Ready to start hunting for the perfect pad for you and your pup? Take a look at our rental listings to get started.


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