The Best Uses for a Spare Bedroom

So, you've found the perfect apartment. It has everything you could want: a spacious kitchen, an outdoor space, stainless steel appliances, the works. It also has a second bedroom. If you only need one, it can be hard to imagine what to do with that second room, especially if the rest of your apartment is pretty spacious. What can you do with that second room? We've rounded up a few ideas to inspire you.

1. A Guest Bedroom

Of course, this one seems a little obvious but you might not have considered it until you had guests on the way and didn't have anywhere for them to sleep. A guest bedroom is perfect for family members that show up unexpectedly or that one friend who always gets just a little too drunk at your apartment and has to stay the night. A second bedroom could also turn into a great nap room for you when you don't have any guests.

2. An Office


Image courtesy of Pixabay

Also, an obvious choice for a spare room, turning a room into an office gives you some privacy. If you work from home often, you know it can be distracting to have to work in a common area of your home. Kids and pets careening about the house, TVs blaring, there's no peace. Create yourself a space conducive to productivity. Make sure you include good lighting and keep it warmer as both of those things affect productivity in an office.

3. A Relaxation Room

Sure, your whole home should feel relaxing but it helps to have one room specifically dedicated to unwinding. Make sure everything in the room is comfy and soft; fluffy rugs if you have hardwood floors, low or natural lighting, and a cozy sofa. Set up a bookshelf of your favorite books or a TV with your game console of choice. Whatever makes you feel the most relaxed, include it!

4. Dressing Room

It might seem silly but once you set it up, you won't regret it. If your apartment doesn't offer much in the way of closet space, invest in some clothing racks. You'll have all your clothes out in the open so you can see everything at a glance. Make sure you have a floor-length mirror so that you can always check your outfit out before heading out the door.

An extra room may not be necessary but once you set it up in one of these ways, you'll never be able to turn back! When searching for a new apartment on Rent Jungle, be sure to select the correct number of bedrooms that you're looking for in the bar at the top of the screen.

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