The New West: Millennials Going to Texas

The classic saying, "Go west young man," has taken on a new 21st century twist. Instead of pioneers taking the Oregon Trail or miners heading to the golden hills of California, millennials are leaving coastal metropolitan areas for the Lone Star State. Cities in Texas have seen an influx of millennials, drawn to the Southwest by a strong economy and lower cost of living.

But Texas is far from homogenous. The second biggest state in the nation, with a population of over 27 million people, Texas encompasses many very distinct communities. Read on for a rundown on four of the most popular cities in Texas.


Austin has been a hipster hotspot for half a decade now. Home of the ever popular South by Southwest festival, Austin is attracting millennials with its cool music scene, hip boutiques and lively nightlife. The state capitol of Texas, Austin is a liberal bubble within a red state.

Austin is equal parts art and technology. Apple, AT&T, Dell, Facebook and Google all have large offices here, providing many high paying jobs in the tech sector. But Austin is so much more than a tech center. A home to artists and musicians, locals love Austin for its colorful local culture.

Though much cheaper than major coastal cities, rent in Austin reflects its wild popularity. As of September 2017, the average rent for an apartment in Austin, TX is $1399. One bedroom apartments rent for $1218 per month on average, and two bedrooms go for $1553. Though Austin has been blowing up these past few years, there are signs that the rental market is cooling. In the past year, the average rent in Austin has actually decreased 3.65%


A foodie's dream, Dallas has more restaurants per capita than New York City. Its Tex Mex is off the charts, and its famous barbecue is definitely binge worthy. Dallas loves its nightlife. With a plethora of bars and dance clubs, the party in Dallas goes all night long.

Though Dallas is landlocked, Dallas residents love boating on the many nearby lakes. Its inland location also gives Dallas four distinctive seasons, a luxury not afforded to many other cities in Texas. Though summers are scorching, it is not unusual to see snow in Dallas during the winter months.

Dallas sure loves its sports. The Dallas Cowboys draw major crowds, and locals love cheering for the Texas Rangers. Whether you tailgate at the stadium, head to your neighborhood sports bar, or tune in at home, game day is a big deal in Dallas.

Housing is moderately priced in Dallas. As of September 2017, average rent for an apartment in Dallas, TX is $1251, with one bedrooms going for $1062 and two bedrooms averaging $1451 per month.


Though Texas is stereotyped as the ultimate conservative state, Houston actually skews more liberal, especially with the recent influx of millennials. 14.5% of Houston's population is millennials, according to the Houston Chronicle. What is bringing these masses of young people to the biggest city in Texas? A booming job market. Much of Houston's economy comes from the energy sector, which is providing many well paying jobs in the Texas city. According to the US census, the average household income in Houston is $61,465 per year.

The strong job market is paired with a relatively affordable housing market, making Houston an appealing choice for many young professionals. Apartments in Houston rent for $1279 on average. One bedrooms average $1104 per month, and two bedrooms cost $1432 per month on average. Though it is too early to tell how the devastation of Hurricane Harvey will affect rental prices long term, it is clear that Houston's community is strong, and that they will band together to rebuild their city.

Houston also has a vibrant art scene. With many galleries and the famous Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston artists are producing some incredible contemporary art.

San Antonio

Located right along the Mexico border, San Antonio is the second biggest city in Texas. Its proximity to Mexico means that this Texas city has some of the most authentic tacos in the country. Besides the food, San Antonio is known for its scenic River Walk along the Rio Grande.

San Antonio also has some pretty major history. It is the site of The Alamo, site of the famous siege of the Texas Revolution. You can visit the famous stucco building today, and imagine the epic battle of 1836.

Rent in San Antonio is the cheapest of the four biggest Texas cities. The average rent in the city is $1086 per month. One bedrooms cost $903 on average, and two bedrooms rent for $1177 per month.

No matter what Texas city you choose, you are guaranteed great barbeque, cowboy culture and friendly people. Check out our rental listings to find your dream pad in the Lone Star State.

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