The Perfect Move

The perfect move consists of just 4 variables:

1- Speed- how quickly the move can be performed

2- Ease- how much work you have to do (or don't)

3- Efficiency- energy versus actual work accomplished

4- Timing- making sure you move in/out in-between leases

Although you may be thinking of getting a few friends, beer, and pizza to make the move easier, you may also want to think about renting a moving truck. Moving trucks can be very cheap, and they definitely increase the speed, ease, and efficiency of a move. Where you might need to take one or two cars back five times, you could rent a moving truck and make a single trip. Many moving companies charge per hour, or by hourly blocks. You can rent a truck for six hours and spend less than you might on dinner.

If you happen to have a large house with many pieces of furniture, it might be a good idea to consider letting a moving company do the work for you. This can be somewhat more expensive than renting a truck, but it is by far the fastest and most efficient option available.

Whatever you decide, take a minute to decide how you want to complete the move before doing so. Remember to bring blankets, boxes, tape, scissors, markers, and cold drinks.


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