Tips On Moving

Having just moved into a new apartment yesterday, we thought it would be a good idea to offer some quick tips and advice to help with your own move. Whether you are moving across the country, or just across the street, try to remember these 6 tips to a perfect move.

1. Clean House
About 1-2 months before you move, take a weekend to get rid of all the things you don't use. You can sell unused furniture on Craigslist, give it to friends, or even give it away to charity. I took two van loads to Goodwill and gave the rest to friends. You want to do this early to help decrease the amount of things you have to move later on.

2. Pack Early
This year, I decided to pack early. By early, I mean 3.5 weeks before the scheduled move date. Why? Because it makes sense. Instead of having a 2-3 day packing binge, I opted to slowly pack up my things in the order of usage. All my camping and cold weather clothes? Packed. Boots and umbrellas? Packed. When moving came, over half of my house was already packed. Win.

3. Host a Moving Party
2 weeks before the move, invite friends to come on your specified moving date with promises of adult beverages and pizza. You really only need about 4-5 people to show up, so its advisable to invite around 9 (because some people hate moving). Scheduling this a few weeks in advance makes it easier for people to plan to come and help.

Have you ever helped a friend move who didn't mark any box with contents or destination? Half of the move is taking one box to another, only to move it back in an hour. Mark every box with contents and location to avoid double work.

1. Take Breaks
Nothing kills your spirit more than moving box after box upstairs, around tight corners, and onto stacks for 8 hours straight. Take a break every hour with water or snacks to keep your energy high. As soon as you're done, take a big break and let the party begin!

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