To Keep, or Not to Keep?

Moving day is coming! What better time to go through your old stuff and get rid of furniture you never use, clothing seldom warn, and childhood toys? Minimalists everywhere prefer the "cleansing" method used to separate one from belongings, and if those belongings are taking up space in the old closet, all the better! Let's take a look at how you can clean house to prepare for your next move. If you follow these steps, you are one step farther away from becoming a hoarding packrat.

The more you have out of the way, the better, so start with the big stuff. Couches and chairs can be pretty easy to get rid of, and the less you have to move into the new place the easier the actual move will be. Ask your friends if they need any of the furniture. If they are interested, have them come pick the items up from your house. You can also use the Craigslist approach to get rid of items this way. If neither of these works, feel free to donate to your favorite local Good Will.

Next, work on those boxes you have piled high in the closet, the attic, or even the basement. Look through them to make sure you are not throwing away pictures or family heirlooms. But be honest with yourself: do you really need a 10 year old board game with the dice missing? When in doubt, toss it.

Next go through your clothing. You would be surprised at how much space clothing can take. Relative to the amount of clothing you wear, you most likely have too many clothes. Give anything away you haven't worn in a while and don't really plan on putting on anytime soon. This doesn't mean you have to huck your winter clothes (or summer clothes if its winter), but if the shoes don't fit anymore, get rid of them!

Finally take an inventory of everything you are planning on taking with you. Read through the list once or twice and think: is all of this necessary? Do I use all of these things? If not, repeat from the second paragraph on. Good luck and happy cleaning!

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