What Is Santa’s Rent?

Ho ho ho! These days, Santa and his elves are busy putting away the tools used for the finishing touches on all the toys sent from his workshop on Christmas Eve. It sure seems like Mr. and Mrs. Claus have a sweet set up in the North Pole. A cozy cottage blanketed in snow, a spacious workshop for the elves, and stables and pastures for his fleet of flying reindeer.

Does Santa get lonely way up north? You may be surprised to learn that there are more than just elves living at the North Pole. In fact there are 2,232 people living there. Well, North Pole, Alaska that is.

The Two North Poles

North Pole, Alaska may not be at the exact top of the world, but it is close. Hanging out on the 64th degree latitude line, North Pole, Alaska is plenty cold enough for Rudolph and the gang. In fact, the average December temperature in North Pole, Alaska is -3 degrees Fahrenheit. Brrrrrr! The elves are definitely guaranteed a white Christmas.

North Pole Alaska Table

The actual North Pole, at the 90th latitude line, doesn't actually have any land mass. There is plenty of ice floating across the Arctic Ocean, but an iceberg probably isn't the best location for Santa's workshop. The North Pole isn't owned by any one country; the United States, Denmark, Canada, Norway and Russia have all staked claim over the Arctic region. However, the real North Pole is so uninhabitable that it hardly matters; the only people braving the cold are research scientists. In the wintertime, temperatures at the North Pole average -40 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summertime, the area warms up to a balmy 32 degrees Fahrenheit. With temperatures that brutal, the only Christmas character that could really hack it up there is Frosty! Another bummer about the real North Pole: it is pitch black for all of Christmas. The sun sets at the North Pole in early October, and won't rise again until late March.

North Pole, Alaska might be chilly, but in comparison to the one at the top of the globe, it is downright hospitable.

North pole Alaska Sun Sets

Tis the Season, All Year

North Pole Alaska really leans into the Christmas theme. The zip code for North Pole, Alaska, 99705, is advertised as Santa's official zip code. Every year, the small Alaskan town receives hundreds of thousands of letters addressed to Santa delivered to their local post offices. The residents have taken it with good cheer. A local community program responds to all of the letters addressed to 1 Santa Claus Lane.

The Christmas cheer goes beyond the town's name. If you choose to live in North Pole, you may find your house is located on Santa Claus Lane, St. Nicholas Drive, Snowman Lane, or Kris Kringle Drive. Street lamps across town are festooned in candy cane stripes. The city government has gotten into the Christmas spirit as well. The police cars in North Pole are green and white, and fire trucks and ambulances are all painted a festive red.

North Pole Alaska Post Office

Christmas stories of Santa's workshop in the North Pole date back for centuries, but North Pole Alaska was only formally incorporated in 1953. The main attraction in town is Santa Claus House, a giant Christmas themed trading post established in the town's early days. Inside, you can find all of the Christmas décor you could possibly want, as well as the world's largest fiberglass Santa statue. And if you get really lucky, you might sneak a peek at the big guy himself. Santa Claus House closes during January and February. Officially, the closure is due to the extreme cold weather the town faces during these winter months, but we suspect that Santa has just gone on a well deserved tropical vacation following the busy holiday season.

North Pole Alaska Santas House

The North Pole Real Estate Game

What does it cost to be Santa's neighbor? As of November 2017, average rent for an apartment in North Pole, Alaska is $1177 per month, with one bedroom apartments going for $775 per month on average, and two bedrooms averaging $1178 per month. These prices are a good deal lower than the national average. Across America, a one bedroom rental goes for $1,509 per month, and a two-bedroom apartment is $1795. And lucky for Santa, housing prices seem pretty stable up there. In the past year, rent in the North Pole has only gone up 2.89%. Seems like the Clauses have scored a pretty good deal on their rent, though I'm sure they are paying a premium for the extra acreage needed for all the reindeer games.

If you've always wanted to meet Santa, or want to live in a Christmas wonderland year round, North Pole Alaska might be the perfect place for you. Check out our North Pole rental listings, and maybe you can be Mr. and Mrs. Claus's neighbor.

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