Posted February 01, 2016 by RentJungle
Highways Agencys Images are protected by copyright. This Image cannot be used without a license agreement. You must comply with the license applicable to the reproduction of this Image. Terms and Conditions at's a fact that moving in the winter when the demand is lower gives you the upper hand when it comes to scoring a hot deal on your dream apartment. It may be a bitter, cold time to search for a pad, but the savings are well worth the dropping temps.

So if you're one of the smart ones who jumped on landing an apartment during the colder months, here are a few tips to reduce the stress and mess of a winter move:

1. Keep checking the weather

We all know that winter weather can be unpredictable, so make sure to keep a watchful eye on the weather reports. Check it every week leading up to the move and every day the week of the move. It's also important to check the traffic reports and plan a couple routes to your new apartment. Are you using a moving company? If you are concerned about the weather hindering your movers, don't hesitate to give them a call and express your concerns. Delaying the move might be the best course of action. Remember, safety is the best policy here.

2. Get your vehicle ready

Whether you a trekking across multiple states or moving 30 minutes from home, make sure your car is in good condition for winter weather. Make sure your vehicle has been serviced at least a month before the big moving day to minimize any possibility of breakdowns or accidents during the relocation journey. Before you hit the road, make sure you've loaded the necessary winter accessories in your car such as winter-ready wipers, a snow shovel, ice scrapers, salt, warm blankets, jumper cables, and a fully charged cell phone!

3. Cover your floors

Make sure your new apartment stays clean and your carpet and hardwood floors are protected while people are moving boxes in and out. The last thing you want is excess water that clings to the boxes and your shoes on the floors. It's also a good idea to lay floor mats down at every outside door. Not only will covering your floors keep your new apartment clean and tidy, it will prevent injury from slippery surfaces.

4. Double pack fragile items

If you haven't heard of imove, it's about time you did. They have built partnerships with professional moving companies to help you find the best quote and most reliable mover in your area. They recently had this to say about moving fragile items during the winter season:

"Many things that are delicate or extra fragile become more brittle in cold weather. Help your movers out by double packing your fragile items so they're less likely to break while moving. Also remember: any items that can be damaged by cold should not be packed in the truck. The truck may sit out overnight, which could cause more damage than you hoped for."

5. Dress smartly

Dressing in layers is the best way to prep for a day of unloading and lifting heavy boxes. If you start to overheat from the constant lugging and stair climbing, you can always shed clothing to keep cool. Extra pairs of gloves and waterproof boots are also two very important things to have on moving day for you or any helpers who may need a spare.

Moving in the winter can sound like a daunting task, but with some planning and consideration, you can make it an ideal move despite the weather!

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