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Lawrenceville has been one of the hippest, hottest neighborhoods in Pittsburgh for more than half a decade. Whether you want to snag a baguette at La Gourmandine (the best bakery in town!), are craving a smoked Kielbasa from Franktuary, or want to dance your heart out at Cattivo, Lawrenceville is bustling with fun and culture. Rental prices had been consistently increasing for this cool east end neighborhood, but in the past year, rental prices have actually dropped slightly, making it a great time to move to Lawrenceville.

Location Location Location

A neighborhood in Pittsburgh's East End, Lawrenceville is located along the south bank of the Allegheny River. With Highland Park to its east, the Strip District to its west, and Bloomfield and Garfield to the southeast, Lawrenceville is located in the apex of Pittsburgh culture. Across the 40th Street Bridge on the other side of the Allegheny River lies Troy Hill and Millvale.

Lawrenceville is long and skinny in shape, stretching along the Allegheny River. The neighborhood runs along Butler Street, a long road paralleling the river that is teeming with restaurants, shops, and nightlife.

Lawrenceville is divided into three separate sections. Upper Lawrenceville is the furthest northeast, wedged between the Allegheny cemetery and Highland Park. Further away from the main throng of businesses on Butler, Upper Lawrenceville tends to be calmer and more residential than the rest of the neighborhood.

Central Lawrenceville encompasses the heart of the neighborhood's main street. Located roughly between 40th Street and the cemetery, living in Central Lawrenceville puts you right at the heart of the culture and nightlife of this vibrant neighborhood.

Lower Lawrenceville falls southwest of 40th street, between Central Lawrenceville and the Strip District. Though slightly further from the hustle and bustle of Central Lawrenceville, there are many great neighborhood spots in the lower section such as Round Corner Cantina and Espresso a Mano. Up the hill, the Church Brew Works is an awesome spot to grab a pint with friends. Lower Lawrenceville is also the section of the neighborhood closest to downtown; it's central location making it an easy commute to many other parts of the city.

Each section of Lawrenceville has it's own rental market. The central location and proximity to downtown makes Lower Lawrenceville the most expensive of the three. The average apartment rents for $1657, making Lower Lawrenceville the seventh most expensive neighborhood in the city.

Central Lawrenceville is slightly more affordable, with rents averaging around $1264. The more residential Upper Lawrenceville is significantly cheaper, with the average rent coming in at about $902.

A Hot Market, Recently Cooling

As Pittsburgh's revitalization and cultural efforts have pushed the city into the national spotlight, rental prices in the Steel City have shot up over the past decade. Between 2011 and 2015, rental prices more than doubled in the city. In April of 2011, the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh was only $772. By November 2015, average rent for a two-bedroom apartment had jumped to $1613. That is a 108% increase of rental price in only four and a half years.

However, in the past year there have been signs that the housing market is cooling. At its peak, the average rental price for a two-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh clocked in at $1645. That was November of 2016. By July 2017, the average rent of a two-bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh had dropped to $1467; an 11% drop in rental prices in the span of only eight months.


Lawrenceville rental trends have followed a similar trajectory. In February of 2015, the average rent for an apartment in Lawrenceville was a little bit more than $1100. Rents in the neighborhood steadily increased, reaching an all time high of $1600 a month in December of 2016. However, in recent months, market prices have begun to dip back down. Six months after that peak, in June of 2017, the average monthly rent of an apartment in Lawrenceville was around $1250, the lowest average rent for the neighborhood in nearly a year. Average rent in Lawrenceville varies dramatically month to month, but recent data suggests that we are seeing a downward trend in housing costs in this hip neighborhood.

As Pittsburgh's job market continues to rapidly expand, wages across the city have shot upwards. Studies found that after inflation, the average wage in Pittsburgh grew nearly 6% annually from 2004 to 2015. Though most of this income growth is happening in tech, health, finance and other parts of the so-called knowledge sector, Pittsburgh is one of the few metro areas that showed positive wage growth for low-income earners with an annual income of about $23,000. Employment and wages in the steel city are both growing at a rate that outpaces the national average.

Though faring better than blue-collar workers in other cities across the nation, low-income earners in Pittsburgh are still struggling with the rapid rise in rent. A stagnant minimum wage has left the lowest paid workers unable to keep up with skyrocketing housing costs. A research group in Washington DC calculated that a worker would need to work more than two full time minimum wage jobs to afford a two bedroom apartment in Pittsburgh, with a median cost of $822.

The city council's resolution to raise the minimum wage in the city from $7.25 to $12, as part of an incremental plan towards a $15 minimum wage, is certainly a step the right direction. Paired with these cooling rental trends, signs point to housing in Pittsburgh becoming more affordable again.

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Pittsburgh is one of the coolest, most affordable cities in America. For $45k a year, you can score a sweet set up and enjoy all this happening steel town has to offer, if you know what to look for.

Most experts agree that you should spend about 30% of your income on rent. That means if you make $45,000 per year, you should be looking for places priced at $1125 per month or less. In a city like Pittsburgh that has a low cost of living, you should be able to find some amazing options within that budget.

A Small Apartment in a Happening Neighborhood

Yuppies love the hip restaurants and nightlife of Lawrenceville. cc If you want a one-bedroom apartment in this hot neighborhood, you'll have to settle for an older building with less flashy appliances and finishings. Also consider turning your search eastward towards the more residential Upper Lawrenceville, which is still walking distance from the attractions of Butler Street.

Living in Lawrenceville is to live in the thick of yuppie culture. Enjoy a margarita on the back patio of Round Corner Cantina, or dance the night away at Belvedere's. During the daytime, you can take a stroll through the Allegheny Cemetery, and stop by La Gourmandine Bakery for the best pain au chocolat in town.

Snag a Two Bedroom in the East End

If you are hoping for a little bit of extra space, you can swing a two-bedroom apartment in Highland Park for anything between $850 to $1,200 a month. Use the second bedroom as a baby nursery, or transform it into a home office or art studio. This charming residential neighborhood is just south of the sprawling Highland Park and the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium.

Live Close to the Nightlife

If sports bars and fried food are more your speed, you might enjoy living in the Southside. And with two bedroom apartments ranging from $850 and $1,200 a month, you can afford to spread out a little bit. If you don't need the extra space or are looking to save some money, a one-bedroom apartment is only $750 a month. Walk down Carson Street and load up on shepherd's pie from Piper's Pub, or settle back with a pint of beer and a big order of wings at Fat Head's Saloon.

An Industrial District Gone Modern


Formerly a wholesale and warehouse district, new developments have transformed the Strip District into one of the coolest new neighborhoods to live in. The old school vendors still hawk bargain produce on street corners and bulk spices at the Pennsylvania Macaroni Co., but the Strip District is also a wealth of cool restaurants and culture. Check out the latest exhibition at the Society for Contemporary Craft, and grab a gourmet sandwich from Thin Man Sandwich Shop across the street. After dark, sample the eclectic dinner menu at Kaya or hit up the Cavo Nightclub for a night out on the town. As developers have only recently realized the potential of this neighborhood, housing options are limited. You can find a studio apartment priced between $900 and $1300 a month in one of the new high-rises, but the easy access to downtown and the killer river views will make the steep prices worth it.

That North Side Charm

Cross the Allegheny River and settle down in one of the charming townhouses in Pittsburgh's North Side. Rental prices vary widely based on condition; a well maintained one bedroom costs between $800 and $1000 a month, while the same price could also get you a more run down two bedroom apartment. Just across the bridge from Downtown Pittsburgh, the North Side is home to numerous cultural institutions, including the Children's Museum, the Mattress Factory art museum, the Aviary, and the New Hazlett Theater.

Spread Out in a Rental House

If you don't mind finding a roomie, a sweet house can easily be split two or three ways. A historic, three bedroom house in Squirrel Hill can be had for around $2000 a month. With two housemates, rent comes out to a little bit less than $700 per person. Or only take on one roommate for a rent of $1000, and a spare room to do whatever you'd like with. Squirrel Hill is conveniently located next to Carnegie Mellon University, with a slew of shops and restaurants running along Murray Ave. On the edge of both Schenley and Frick Parks, this charming residential neighborhood is a perfect place for families.

Affordable rental houses are aplenty in Bloomfield as well. Rental prices vary widely with two or three bedroom houses going for as cheaply as $950 a month, or for as much as $1600. This rapidly developing Pittsburgh neighborhood is known for its distinctive rowhouse architecture. Don't miss Little Italy Days every August!

Every Pittsburgh neighborhood has it's own personality. If you want to rent a small studio in the hottest neighborhood, check out the apartments in Lawrenceville. If you'd rather trade the cool factor for some extra space, consider renting a house in Highland Park or Bloomfield. No matter where you end up, this steel town is sure to win your heart.

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